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Four years of trump and everybody agrees the United States in now a third world country.

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26 minutes ago, Z09 said:

The mess is a world wide pandemic...

I've yet to see any Dem that would have done something differently..

No Democrat has been in the White House since the pandemic began. We're so far behind the curve right now that it's going to take a lot of time to get this turned around, even with the vaccines beginning to come online. But of course, after Jan 20 every Republican will be saying the whole thing is Biden's fault.

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Don't you like the new training programs...?   7 out of 10 crimes are committed by blacks and they make up like 14% of the population..

Bullshit!   Not only do they condone it, they encouraged and financed it.   Ignorant mother fucker ...

39 minutes ago, Dontlooknow said:   If Groper Joe were to be elected, everybody agrees the United States will be a third world country.      

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5 hours ago, benson13 said:

meanwhile....the redneck states continue to be Supplemented by the Blue States/Gov't



as they have been since 1865  

Show actual verifiable proof beavis...oh, and not some LWNJ crap....verstehst du?

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5 hours ago, Whitemajikman said:

Nice try...

But the truth is all you have to do is look at what the Dems have done to California to realize who is actually responsible.


It used to be the crown jewel of our nation and now it's a shithole and bankrupt.

With highest poverty rate in country.






And "Silicon Valley" moved to TX...

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1 hour ago, Zaro said:

The great unmasking. Under Trump everybody got to see the shit hole that was hiding behind the mask


Merry Christmas, cowgirl !!

Jesus loves you ( and I am trying).


Have you joined TNM yet ?                                               🤠..🍺


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On 12/23/2020 at 8:31 PM, Dontlooknow said:



Stuff is great, lets just legislate another big increase in pay for the medical system like a bunch of stupid crazy pleb peasants and give the doctator full mandatory contract control of your body.  Self employment, you don't need any such thing, doctator needs you to join the stay at home starvation commune.

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