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Female Genitals Matter

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Whatever the disparity is between blacks and whites when it comes to criminal justice, the disparity between men and women is 1,000 times higher.


Blacks are 13% of the population and account for over 50% of crimes. There are many excuses such as poverty and police bias. We know it's not due to poverty because certain crimes like rape have no correlation to poverty and are even more disproportionately committed by blacks. We know it's not police bias because of police reports. When someone is mugged, they file a police report with a description of the suspect. Police report data shows that blacks are actually under-policed relative to whites i.e. a higher percentage of white suspects are apprehended.


So when it comes to police shootings, we hear that it is "open season on blacks" because police shoot more blacks than whites. But this is not true. What is true is that police have far more interactions with blacks than whites. Taking that into account, police are far more likely to shoot whites. Scientific studies back this up. They show that police are far more hesitant to shoot blacks than whites, likely because of the political repercussions. Police go to great length to avoid even the appearance of racism. Because of this institutional power, it is whites who have no recourse, not blacks.


As for criminal convictions and sentencing, scientific studies do not control for the amount of money spent on lawyers. Blacks overwhelmingly take the public defenders. Disparities are between rich and poor, not black and white.


These small differences dominate our media yet there is not even a mention of the much greater disparity between men and women. We could be hearing stories about the husband and wife who went on a murder spree together and the husband got the death penalty whereas the wife got 7 months. Instead we hear a very theatrical take on a confusing altercation between Trayvin Martin the cute 7 foot tall gangbanger and future astronaut with Jorge Zimmerstein, a white and hispanic.


Black Lives Matter is as tone deaf as the Day of Zero Tolerance for Female Genital Mutilation, an official United Nations Holiday (how do you celebrate that?). Female circumcision is not part of our culture and is illegal anyway. Where it exists, it is practiced side by side with male circumcision, a real problem, in large part because it is sanctioned by powerful scientific authorities such as the World Health Organization.


The solution: Everybody must follow Michael Jackson's lead and change their race at least once.

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