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The Left's Idea of a Bad Guy

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It's not George Bush, the wealthy war profiteer. It's Cletus, the toothless racist.


That's why the name of this section is "racist/kkk/nazi" and not "bankers/censors/warmongers". It's not just this one section of this one forum either. It's everywhere and it's no accident. It's by instinct that all their insults deal with class, "trailer trash", as well as their values, "politically correct just means being polite". Despite his wealth, Donald Trump has no class. Is that the real problem, or is this just class warfare?


To borrow a line from Zorro, a gentleman is someone who says one thing and thinks another. They profess to be concerned for the less fortunate. That's the explicit bias. But the implicit bias is that their best friends are Amazon, Monsanto, and the CIA. Is this the slovenly behavior of social status seekers, or some kind of warped hyper morality from a new generation of church lady atheists? What is it that prevents them from identifying real enemies?


"The system's neatest trick" as TJK would say.

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