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Happy Thanksgiving

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5 minutes ago, lucifershammer said:

Hope you gatherings are fun and safe.

Dad, brother, wife, step son and oldest daughter and grandkids later. Youngest daughter and her boyfriend decided to work and get overtime. Taught that girl well. 😆

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1 minute ago, lucifershammer said:

I have 12 people coming, just started a 21 pound turkey.  Next step crock pot mac and cheese

Yes sir!


I'm doing a crockpot ham and a brisket... with corn casserole, green beans, hash brown casserole, mashed taters, and mac n cheese.


Two pies and peach cobbler for dessert.


I'm hungry NOW!

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Let us give thanks this day ---because if Biden wins--- then we are experiencing the very, last Thanksgiving, as that place called the United States of America!


This will soon be the United States of Beijing, overseen, by the wife of Moscow Russia's mayor (the Biden's still owe her for that $3.4-million Hunter stiffed her for)

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We are not having our usual large gathering this year. We bought a 12 lb bird which is tiny for us. A drummer is coming and it's just going to be the three of us. He is close family as we have worked together for 30 years. I am ready for covid to be over and it's not near over. Depressing.

I would favor a lockdown for 45 days if it would rid us of this f****** virus. Whatever it takes.

some of you want to make this political and it is not political it is not about the state trying to exert control it's about public health. Get a grip.

The virus can be defeated.

The recent supreme Court decision concerning so-called religious freedom is not going to be helpful. we're going to see a spike in cases due to Thanksgiving I'm afraid.

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