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Rush Error 11/23/2020 1:12pm.

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Shadow government was in place to get Obama Elected the first time, he didn't creat the shadow government of academia and arts leadding newborns to pick a lesser of two evils cradle to grave and the arts and entertainment maintaining lessons taught from great grandchildren added to great great grandparents dying.


the there are the left and right wings keeping one sided arguments on track of controlling outcomes from now on economically so far to rank in significance to sustaining humanity's laws that rule how to deny now is eternity.

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1 minute ago, FivebyFive said:

It won't take an eternity and Trump is running out of space here now quickly


I predict he will concede late Friday night by tweet

ha ha ha ha ha ha ha. what trump does or doesn't do won't change how life functions naturally existing in genetic continuation of maintaining numbers per species as genetically replacement those already occupying space so far.


the kinetic how and why to specific displaced reproductions of what, where, when, who are geographically displaced adapting to time spend living so far.



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