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The Truth of COVID and The Manipulation of The People


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I was talking to a buddy of mine from my Border Patrol days.


He's a supervisory agent now, and shared the following with me:


"We have contracted medical staff onsite to do evaluations on detainees and some simple treatments.


I just got done talking with the Physician's Assistant and he is outright hostile toward the politicians who are using COVID as an excuse to throw their weight around.


He says it's a real virus, but the political reactions are ridiculously inappropriate responses to an epidemic.  Once again, an educated professional WITHOUT A POLITICAL STAKE says "you quarantine sick people, not the healthy ones!  If someone isn't symptomatic, leave them alone!"


Oh, and the COVID tests are 60% unreliable; false positives and negatives abound.


In the end, we have been lied to, manipulated, and our nation is on the brink of utter collapse... and many people are perfectly content to be led by the nose if they think it'll make them safer.


Once again, Franklin's commentaries prove prophetic.





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