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Basically the Idea was "Compliance" and UN Inspectors..


On the JCPA maybe by 2030/2040 Iran would have "Enough" for 2 Bombs..


Iran also "liked" being Part of World Economy and $$$$..


Frankly now they just straight up building abuncha BOMBS..


North Korea Missles through CHINA....


Don't forget "HEZBOLLAH" in Lebanon..


They just gonna shoot hundreds of  Rocket into Tel-Aviv..


Even the Israeli Defense Forces "IDF" Intellegence "Realized" this won't be a Normal WAR..


In Lebanon they've had 30/40 years to dig into the Mountains..


This ain't  just an AIR-STRIKE..


Understand to the ENEMY doesn't CARE if they DIE..


It's a "Sucide" and they got like hundreds of Thousands of rockets "fortified" in mountains

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