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24 minutes ago, whiteboy said:




Family says Dallas man was catfished and lured to Houston to be killed


Pretty much ALL niggers think with their dick.


He met a WOMAN online and went down there to get his some tang!! Was gonna nut on that shit.


Oops. So being STUPID is part and parcel of being a nigger.

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12 minutes ago, MidnightMax said:


Pretty much ALL niggers think with their dick.


He met a WOMAN online and went down there to get his some tang!! Was gonna nut on that shit.


Oops. So being STUPID is part and parcel of being a nigger.


Anyone who gets catfished, deserves whatever happens to them.

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2 hours ago, PhilipIV said:

They want police to solve this murder? It's obviously a job for a social worker.

My cousin "Cheryl"..


Wanted to be a Teacher and "Dedicated"..


Graduated from University Of Illinois..


Her 1st Job was Milwaukee Public Schools..


On the Northside in the Crack Ghetto..


2nd 3rd graders didn't even have "potty" training or simple "Hygene"..


After about 5 years of that as a Stepping Stone they moved to Minnesota..


She is now a "Vice" Principal of a JR High School



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2 hours ago, MidnightMax said:


Pretty much ALL niggers think with their dick.


He met a WOMAN online and went down there to get his some tang!! Was gonna nut on that shit.


Oops. So being STUPID is part and parcel of being a nigger.

There’s a whole show about catfishing. Lotta white folks get duped as well. 

Stop being an ignorant bitch. 

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2 hours ago, whiteboy said:


Anyone who gets catfished, deserves whatever happens to them.


7 minutes ago, Pastafarian said:

There’s a whole show about catfishing. Lotta white folks get duped as well. 

Stop being an ignorant bitch. 


Just sayin ...

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5 minutes ago, FivebyFive said:

White Priveledge


I wrote this once, but cant tell you where it is published or I would be breaking the rules ...


White Privilege

May very well be the most ignorant term I have ever heard in my life.


It’s a socially constructed concept to make a group in society feel guilty


Remember when you were young, bratty and complaining about something stupid? Maybe your brother got to stay up later than you because he was older, maybe you were upset because nobody would watch you do your latest “trick”, or maybe you were even angry because your sister got 5 pieces of grilled cheese while you only got 4 pieces … it was the same sandwich, just cut different. 


So, you unleashed the favorite complaint of small children, “That’s not fair!” Then, some adult responded by saying, “Life’s not fair. Get over it.”


Whining about “white privilege” is nothing more than the liberal equivalent of saying, “Life is not fair.” 


The notion of white privilege stems from the idea that white people have benefited in American history relative to “people of color.” And it’s true that the institution of slavery and the following decades of anti-black dehumanization had a continuing impact. A major 2013 study from Brandeis University found that 32 percent of the wealth gap between whites and blacks can be attributed to inherited wealth and length of home-ownership, two factors linked to institutionalized racism. Meanwhile, Harvard economist Roland Fryer’s much-publicized study on racial bias in policing found that cops are 53 percent more likely to use physical force on black civilians compared to whites, however found no anti-black bias in fatal police-shootings. Also there is the fact that blacks make up 13% of the population, yet commit 37% of the violent crime.


Because of facts like these, an emerging definition of white privilege is now being widely circulated on social media: “White privilege doesn’t mean your life hasn’t been hard. It just means your race isn’t one of the things that make it harder.” And yet, this definition suffers from several shortcomings. For one, it ignores anti-Semitism — the second leading cause of hate crimes in America, according to the FBI. In addition, the growing demonetization of whiteness now means that white people are not only no longer immune to racism, but are increasingly more the target of racial harassment.


The concept of white privilege can’t explain why several historically marginalized groups out-perform whites today.


What do the numbers really say?


Rising from poverty to economic prosperity is a common narrative for immigrants from all backgrounds in the West. For example, after the communist takeover of Cuba in 1959, many refugees fled to America, leaving most of their wealth behind and having to start from the bottom. But by 1990, second-generation Cuban Americans were twice as likely to earn an annual salary of $50,000 than non-Hispanic whites in the United States.


Take Japanese Americans, for example: For nearly four decades in the 20th century (1913 – 1952), this group was legally prevented from owning land and property in over a dozen American states. Moreover, 120,000 Japanese Americans were interned during World War II. But by 1959, the income disparity between Japanese Americans and white Americans nearly vanished. Today, Japanese Americans outperform whites by large margins in income statistics, education outcomes, test scores and incarceration rates.


According to median household income statistics from the US Census Bureau, several minority groups substantially out-earn whites. These groups include Pakistani Americans, Lebanese Americans, South African Americans, Filipino Americans, Sri Lankan Americans and Iranian Americans. Indians are the highest-earning ethnic group the census keeps track of, with almost double the household median income of whites.


Interestingly, several black immigrant groups such as Nigerians, Barbadians, Ghanaians and Trinidadians & Tobagonians have a median household income well above the American average. Ghanian Americans, to take one example, earn more than several specific white groups such as Dutch Americans, French Americans, Polish Americans, British Americans and Russian Americans. Do Ghanaians have some kind of sub-Saharan African privilege?


Nigerian Americans, meanwhile, are one of the most educated groups in America, as one Rice University survey indicates. Though they make up less than 1 percent of the black population in America, nearly 25 percent of the black student body at Harvard Business School in 2013 consisted of Nigerians. In post-bachelor education, 61 percent of Nigerian Americans over the age of 25 hold a graduate degree compared to only 32 percent for the US-born population.


These facts challenge the prevailing progressive notion that America’s institutions are built to universally favor whites and “oppress” minorities or blacks. On the whole, whatever “systemic racism” exists appears to be incredibly ineffectual, or even nonexistent, given the multitude of groups who consistently eclipse whites.


In fact, because whites are the majority in America, more white people live in poverty or are incarcerated than any other racial group in this country. If you were to randomly pick an impoverished individual in America, you are exponentially more likely to pick a white person than a “person of color,” because of population differences. Today, 15.7 million white Americans (almost twice as many as black Americans) live in poverty. 


Given such facts, why would we deem all white people as privileged?


Fundamentally, privileges of all kinds exist: able-bodiedness, wealth, education, moral values, facial symmetry, tallness, shortness, health, stamina, safety, economic mobility, and importantly rather than “whiteness,” an exponentially more predictive privilege in life is growing up with two parents. 


This is why 41 percent of children born to single mothers grow up in poverty whereas only 8 percent of children living in married-couple families are impoverished. In a racial context, the poverty rate among two-parent black families is only 7.5 percent, compared to 11 percent among whites as a whole and 22 percent among whites in single-parent homes. In fact, since 1994 the poverty rate among married black Americans has been consistently lower than the white poverty rate. 


When surveying the complexity of racial disparities, it’s simply wrong to presuppose all whites are “privileged,” let alone racist. Using the despicable actions of a few to judge an entire group of people is never sound reasoning. 


Food for thought … how can there be white privilege in a majority white country? That makes no sense. Privilege is for the few. 


By being the majority, a white person has to compete with other whites for a job. When there’s one position and HR has to choose between 12 different white people vying for the same position, how does white privilege play a role?


But being black in those circumstances sometimes can afford a privilege, because Affirmative Action and race-based preferences mean you may get jobs or get into universities over those more qualified.


So, if you want to talk about privilege, what about black privilege? 


· Barack Obama wouldn’t have been President of the United States without it. 


· How about being more likely to be hired for diversity purposes? 


· You’re less likely to be fired if you’re a terrible employee because some businesses feel like they need a longer paperwork trail to fire a black person. 


· You can chalk up complaints made about you by white people to racism. 


· You get to play sports while the white guy, who may be better than you, rides the bench.


If you really want to get down to the nitty gritty, you can say EVERYONE living in America today is privileged. How does living here compare to being in, let’s say, Afghanistan? North Korea? Somalia? 


We also live in an incredible point in history where we have opportunities that would boggle the mind of previous generations. If you were born 1000 years ago, you’d probably be a farmer hoping to scratch a living out of the dirt for one more year because that’s what almost everybody did.


This is why it’s so silly to talk about “white privilege.” It requires you to block out a hundred other pluses and minuses you have in your life, narrowly focus on a so-insignificant-you-can-barely-see-it set of advantages you think someone else has, and then hold a little pity party for yourself.


It really is the adult equivalent of the four-year-old crying that he got “less” than his sister. Children who do that just need to be educated. Adults who still think like little children, and blame others instead of taking responsibility for their own lives are losers. Don’t be a loser. 


Stop obsessing over how many grilled cheese pieces someone else has ... take responsibility ... and do something with your own life instead.


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43 minutes ago, Pastafarian said:

There’s a difference between a blatant murder and someone in mental distress. 

not at all. The murderer obviously is just frustrated from the lack of having a voice. There is no reason to apply government force from the police to deal with a situation where someone is clearly just misunderstood.

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1 minute ago, FivebyFive said:

Easy does it on the youtubes LOL  people get upset



I opened a club on this joint.. Please bring your jukebox money



What always got me about a Bar/Tavern Jukebox..


People put like $5/$10 in just 2 hear the SAME CRAP on the Oldies Station everyday..


Worse yet is the MORON with just 50 cents or a Dollar plays Riders On The Storm..


Or Bye Ms American Pie

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3 minutes ago, FivebyFive said:

I listen to NPR all day all long.. Heard Obama on the radio the other day


It was refreshing..





Play like the Same News Broadcast in morning for 3/4 hours Straight..


Ya sometimes that all I can get in the Middle of Nowhere or Flip the CB switch to the WeatherBand..


Nonetheless if they want a $20 dollar "Donation"..


Want some MEAT and Taters..


And I get SICK of all this ACTIVIST CRAP..


Nobody gives a Rats @$$ about CUBA Hip Hop..



Or some "Lesbian" Author whos "partner" in Hospital Covid19..


But she can't SEE her Partner..


My Apologies but NPR needs to GET there $hit Together..


Upon that time I'll "pledge" a $20 Spot


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