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The Ugly Results Of Ancestral Hope, Faith, Charity

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sustain doubt historically used against people by reproductions within the same species 24/7 each generation social identities by ideology are nothing more than sibling rivalries within a 2 parents' children practiced globally.


Stop promising better tomorrows when it is self evident life only exists by reproductions changing the lifetimes present from now on as arrived so far.


Eveyone debates life bi-sexually, not biologically displaced.  this limiting debates to two sided narratives of either or when living is 4 generations deep of lifetimes never staying the same shape as added a fertilized cell being the brain of the infant added to replace those made the conception.


Human desires to be more than reproductively positioned have manifested this chaos of mutually assured destruction of all realities if one is debunked.


well debunk them all simutlatneously here and what is left is actually how life always worked in plain sight regardless the geographical system of denying now is eternity kinetically.

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4 minutes ago, FivebyFive said:

Stay outside of the Christian Judeo Islamic triangle of doom

tao, buddhism, hindu, satanic, mythology, science fiction, economic theory, are equally part of the same practice.  I am not saying end what is done to sustain trade, to make life easier while mutually evolving, I am saying take the deception of how life originates naturally timed apart mutually evolving so far from the methods of psychological governance of people forced to deny how life works in plain sight.


MY instincts are constantly in full rage mode because everyone avoids what causes the manifested chaos electing a lesser of two evils does.

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3 minutes ago, FivebyFive said:

I didn't really want Joe.. but alas I am yet but one human being in the giant armpit of humanity

Humanity is manifested realities played out ancestrally so far. Life is reproductions performing as scripted by rule of law to behave until extinction or else society exiles or executes none complance.


Gee where is the soul of tyranny?

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7 minutes ago, FivebyFive said:

scripted by rule of law??  Most people don't even read the book

you are such a stooge.  What is the mob's reaction to anyone saying what you said?


"Ignorance of the law is no excuse.".  But ignoring life is limited to ever changing ancestors populating the atmosphere in this moment here is mandated by every social narrative life is more than mutually evolving now.


I navigate life limited to mutually evolving in plain sight, but everyone I know demands I comply with ignoring living only happens while simultaneously part of the moment so far.


Imprisoned by everyone else never accepting their natural point of eternally timed apart here.

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