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God help us...


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41 minutes ago, rippy38 said:







God help us is what esper said, the one who didn't want the army to shoot protesters like trump wanted.







Former Defense Secretary Mark Esper said in an interview published Monday that if his replacement is “a real yes man” then “God help us.”





Former Defense Secretary Mark Esper said in an interview published Monday that if his replacement is “a real yes man” then “God help us.” 

In an interview last week with the Military Times, the now-former secretary said he decided to pick his fights with President Trump while as the head of the Department of Defense, adding he had no regrets in how he handled himself. 

“At the end of the day, it’s as I said — you’ve got to pick your fights,” he told the Military Times on Nov. 4. “I could have a fight over anything, and I could make it a big fight, and I could live with that —why? Who’s going to come in behind me? It’s going to be a real ‘yes man.’ And then God help us.”

Trump announced he had fired Esper over Twitter, two days after President-elect Joe Biden was projected to have won the presidential election. The president named Christopher Miller, the director of the National Counterterrorism Center, as acting secretary of Defense “effective immediately.”




"Chris will do a GREAT job! Mark Esper has been terminated. I would like to thank him for his service,” the president posted. 

Esper’s relationship with Trump had turned tense over the summer as the former secretary publicly spoke out against Trump’s plan to deploy troops to respond to racial justice protests. He told the Military Times that he had no intention of quitting but expected to be potentially terminated at an unknown time.


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21 hours ago, rippy38 said:


It’s unbelievable anyone even voted for this guy. 😆


If he does win he virtually assures the Republicans will take the house and pick up seats in the senate in 2022, which is why I suspect you don’t hear much from congressional Republicans....

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