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trumpVIRUS killed the = of 5 Boeing 747s filled with passengers yesterday...2000 victims....meanwhile, trump has Tweeted 500 times since the election

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But Vice President Mike Pence, the leader of Donald Trump’s coronavirus task force, refused to answer any questions.


The VP left immediately after making closing remarks without taking a single question. Dr. Fauci and Dr. Birx paused and looked like they wanted to engage with reporters, but ultimately followed Pence back to West Wing,” CBS News White House correspondent Weijia Jiang tweeted.


“The Vice President and the Coronavirus task force left without taking questions. Many questions were shouted (this continues a pattern that began after election day, POTUS hasn’t taken questions since then),” NPR White House correspondent Tamara Keith noted.


“Mr. VP — — it’s not a press briefing if you do not take questions. Why the refusal to answer a single question?” ABC News chief White House correspondent Jonathan Karl asked.


“That was absurd. The vice president and the task force just spoke at us for an hour. They did not take questions or hold themselves accountable to [the] American people in this moment of national crisis,” noted Yahoo News White House correspondent Hunter Walker.


ABC News White House correspondent Karen Travers said it was “incredible.”

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CV-19 Facts – November 19 2020:

258,333 dead Americans


192,186 new cases – Sad to say but the highest ever daily record

166,417 seven day average new cases


2,065 new deaths – Highest daily count since Apr 9 2020

1,383 seven day average deaths

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Democrats are SCUMBAGS, LIARS, and CRIMINALS....


and so, it is with Benson...


A LYING, SCUMBAG, Democrat... who does not give a RIP about America, Freedom, OR Americans....


Get ready to be DISAPPOINTED !!  YOU think Biden has won the election ?... but he has NOT !!  THIS election was in the process of being stolen, by the Democrat Party, the Rich Elites, the Deep State, and the FAKE NEWS Media... BUT, AMERICA is NOW Fighting back... and WHEN we WIN? 


YOU SOB's are going to PAY like NO ONE has EVER PAID before !!



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"Good. “Media” doesn’t need to be in the room in as much as there are no long journalists interested in writing about facts. I don’t need 20 TMZ opinion writers shouting questions through their masks"





ROTFLMAO....Good One!!!!


Meanwhile....258,000 Americans are DEAD because of your CLOWN

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