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Back in the late 2000s about the Foreclosure Crisis..


Was a Federal "Mandate" that by 2010 TV must be Digital..


Back in the day on an old Tube and Rabbits Ears..


Living Smack Dab in-between Milwaukee and Chicago I could get both cities CLEAR ..


Nowadays ya PAY the Cable and "Bundle" up..


Or the Dish Network people..


Sorry I ain't Home "enough" 2 pay all that much ..


So I bought this RCA Digital Antenna and it GETS ..


But if one burns out I gotta move it or adjust the pre-amp..


Funny thingy is one ain't coming in turn the amplifier off itll come in..


Wow ..


I miss RABBIT EARS and smack dab in-between 2 big cities..


Even if it was FUZZ...


Ya could still Watch It..



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