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Explain how Dem Governors are shutting down Public schools while sending their own kids to private (opened) shools.


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And you really have to question the motives of the people.


- Newsom preaching on a daily basis, killing businesses and jobs - yet feels safe enough to go against every thing he’s preached, in many ways.


- Pelosi.....same thing, yet feels safe enough to get a hair job, without mask, in a closed salon when no other women are allowed too.


- de Blasio.....shutting everything down, yet sending infected people into retirement homes. So much for “the science”.


Obviously this is a problem, but unfortunately politics is as much, or more of the problem. 

Common sense isn’t very common these days, and the leftist hypocrisy is screaming at the top of its lungs. The left is fortunate they’ve groomed an uneducated cult to be led around by their noses.



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