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‘VOTER FRAUD ALL OVER!’ ....Prez IGNORANT Erupts with all-caps rant as hopes of overturning election Crash & Burn

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Trump’s efforts to overturn the 2020 presidential election are swirling down the drain — and on Wednesday he delivered an all-caps Twitter rant once again falsely claiming that he won the election.


The president cited a New York Times report showing that he gained significantly more votes in 2020 than he received in 2016. The problem for the president, however, is that President-elect Joe Biden received an even greater share of votes compared to Hillary Clinton’s final 2016 totals.


Nonetheless, the president interpreted this as evidence of a vast conspiracy.







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  • benson13 changed the title to ‘VOTER FRAUD ALL OVER!’ ....Prez IGNORANT Erupts with all-caps rant as hopes of overturning election Crash & Burn

Trump has been telling nonstop lies all Wednesday morning about the 2020 presidential election, and he’s left CNN fact checker Daniel Dale astonished at his dishonesty.

Dale on Tuesday promoted two separate fact checks of the president’s early morning tweets delivered by Washington Post reporters in which they debunked his lies about voter fraud.


In the first instance, the Washington Post’s Sal Rizzo takes apart Trump’s false claim that Republican election observers were not allowed to watch ballots being counted in Pennsylvania — despite the fact that the president’s lawyers admitted during court proceedings that observers were allowed in the room.


In the second instance, the Washington Post’s Glenn Kessler called out Trump for falsely claiming thousands of “fraudulent” ballots had been found, which the reporter noted was a “total fantasy.”


Reacting to this, Dale commented that the president seems to have reached a new low for dishonest claims.

“Basically nothing the president is saying is true,” he said. “People say ‘what else is new,’ but this is a new lying level even for him. He’s barely even bothering to sprinkle in some accurate and arguable claims. It’s almost all false all the time.”

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