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Dang! Trump's Michigan Elections Board Canvassing Board Deadlock "Victory" Started With A Yell and Then Petered-Out Quicker Than Conservative Christian Sex Does!

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Darn it! It lasted about 17 seconds...actually a bit LONGER than your typical Saturday night drunken Conservative Christian spousal rape run-through sex and battery attempt.

Well, at least there were no post-event beer farts, snoring, bruises, and early AM visits from the local cops. 


This Party for Tweety ended before the guests arrived. And it all crashed and burned, just after Ronna Romney McFatty waddled down to Dollar Tree and bought the MAGA Victory!!! balloons and the hot dogs to celebrate Trump's "Beautiful Thing" attempt at stalling Michigan's Vote Certification ....and...then....BOOOIIINNGG! ....that damned Rhonda Reality chick arrived at the Party, told everyone to the two Republican Racist Pukes had just reneged and then ran off to sob in the corner.


Don't you just HATE it when facts and truth upsets your narrative, Republicans? 


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