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Choose the form of the destroyer.

Choose the form of the destroyer...  

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  1. 1. Choose the form of the destroyer...

    • Psuedovirion which combines the genome of HIV with a coronavirus envelope protein (Airborne HIV)
    • Environmental pollutant that immunizes the population against beta-HCG. (Mass sterilization)
    • Covert nuclear attack against Xi Jinping made to look it originated from India/S. Korea (WWIII option).
    • Shut down Twitter/Facebook/Youtube with localized EMP (Retard apocalypse)
    • Make up your own (please describe):

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I am going with:


Every time someone in the media, or a politician ... lies, or says something deceptive ... they are shot in the head ... during the press conference, on live video.


Same goes for BLM, Antifa, and Liberal rioters ... just start mowing them down in the streets, leaving the bodies to rot.


Now, THAT would change the way people think ... almost immediately.

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