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Lucky Joe

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Think about what Joe Biden might be given if the election remains the way it is now. The vaccine, which was created by a private company with the aid of Trump's Warp Speed program will help quash covid. This will in turn unlock the economy and the economy will rebound. As we all know the economy before covid was fantastic and was created by the hard work of the American private industry, with the help of Trump's policies to remove barriers from the private sector. And what will happen? Joe Biden and the Democrats will slay that Trump created covid, killed 300k Americans, destroyed the economy but Joe brought it all back because of his plans, even though there aren't any plans other than continue what Trump started and lock down the economy. 


All of my fellow conservatives know this is going to be the story and every leftist here will pretend it isn't true. This is why I created this thread. It is a moment we can all come back to and say, we told you so. 

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