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Office of The President Elect

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It is called a "transition" friend. We know the Loser thought he could just "wing it" or tune into FOX News to see what he should be doing, but responsible leaders actually put people and plans into place so they can deal with America's challenges--which at this time include managing this pandemic.


Meanwhile the Loser has not attended a Coronavirus Taskforce meeting in 5 months and instead spends his days golfing and tweeting out lies and conspiracy theories.


The worst president in American history is on his way out, to be replaced by competent adults who will come in prepared.


Any other questions?



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Again, Biden will be president in January.  

Trump is stalling on admitting his defeat because he is still raising campaign funds,which he will use to pay off loans he made to his campaign. He cannot beg the suckers for campaign funds if he concedes. Most donations will go right into Trump's pocket.


Trump cares only about Trump. He is a corrupt swindler.

You and all who still support him are unpatriotic accomplices of said corrupt swindler.

Dopes, suckers,  fools and dunces all of them.

You should hang your heads in shame.

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18 minutes ago, XavierOnassis said:

That will happen, of course.

Trump is in violation of his oath of office not to allow the proper transition protocols to happen.


Cite please.


Since the oath is in the Constitution...let me make it easy for you.




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Trump wants you suckers to donate bigtime to his campaign fund. You should put your money where your mouths are.

This is for a limited time only! Give to Trump! Trump needs your cash!  Do you want to see Melania forced to wear dresses TWICE???

Do you want poor Donald to buy his baggy suits from Haband Mail Order?

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20 minutes ago, IcebergSlim said:

Why should Bubble Boy's hissy fit be indulged?


At a time when his murderous incompetence is nearing a second deadly harvest..

.00074% mortality rate...hysteria much? Oh, 2 vaccines on their way in less than 6 months? Yeah, complete...

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9 minutes ago, whiteboy said:














Look at where Grifty has his hands, in a posed shot....


"But [he was] a great guest because he would say anything that came into his mind," Stern said. "He was completely unfiltered, he was talking about [how] his daughter was the most attractive woman he ever met and how much he thought she was hot." 

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