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Wealth consolidation and a wealth tax

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Liz Warren is quite honestly a joke, but she is absolutely correct in pointing out how wealth consolidation is a problem.    Probably the biggest problem our country faces quite honestly.   Her wealth tax proposal has some major issues, the biggest one being that there is basically nothing stopping people from just moving assets offshore or hiding them.    What would be wrong with providing a tax incentive to encourage people to start spending those dollars as opposed to confiscating them and throwing them into the governments budget?    Say for example, a person has 100 million dollars in liquid capital, they can either spend 2% of that on consumable or personal goods, pay it into a system that those dollars go directly to low income families, or if they don't just get taxed dollar for dollar.    That would be a softer way of forcing the ultra rich to get their money circulating through the system again.     

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