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Trump, Get Out of the Way

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For a number of months now, Trump has been PRETENDING that the virus is under control, and that we are rounding the corner on it.  In REALITY (aka, NOT in Trump’s TV REALITY), at this point in time, the virus problem is intensifying.  And it is RAGING out of control in the vast majority of our states, and we are NOT rounding any corners.

And the SAD thing is this; it did NOT have to be that way.
  And it is that way because Trump is TOTALLY CLUELESS on how to control the virus, AND because he will NOT get out of the way of the people who ACUTALLY do know how to control it.  That is, he will NOT get out of the way of our medical experts and our healthcare workers.  Instead, he has IGNORED them, he has DEMEANED them, and he has IMPEDED their efforts, when he SHOULD have kept his s-hole mouth shut, AND he should have just gotten out of their way.

And NOW Trump is pretending that HE won the election and NOT Biden.
  And he is claiming that Biden “won” because of voter fraud, despite the fact that he has produced no REAL evidence of any voter fraud.  (Bottom line:  The “voter fraud” is a figment of Trump’s imagination which emanates from his not so “very good brain”.)

Furthermore, Trump is standing in the way of Biden’s efforts to hit the ground running when he assumes the presidency.
  That is, Trump will not allow the GSA (the General Services Administration) to sign a letter of ascertainment, which would allow Biden to have access to the government resources that he needs during the transition process.   In other words, Trump is ignoring a law that REQURES him to allow Biden to have access to office space, secure phone lines, federal agencies, information (some of it classified), and funding that Biden needs to facilitate an efficient transition to the presidency.

Despite Trump’s petulant efforts to get in the way of an orderly transfer of power, Biden has been hard at work preparing for the transfer.
  With respect to the virus, Biden has assembled a Covid task force composed of many capable scientists and experts.  And he has been working on his plans to combat the virus.  For example:
- Biden will heed the advice of his Covid task force; unlike Trump who has ignored and sabotaged his task force.
  - Biden will work closely with our governors and mayors; unlike Trump who told them “you’re on your own”.
- Biden will heed the concerns of our governors and mayors; unlike Trump who would attack them if they expressed any concerns, and if they did not praise him.
- Biden will push for a “Covid relief” bill to help the millions of average Americans, the millions of small businesses, and our state and local governments, who are suffering financially from the Covid crisis; unlike Trump who is implementing a “you’re on your own” policy.
  (Biden’s push will be successful IF, ONLY IF, he gets the support of the majority party in the Senate.  If the majority party is the Republican Party, it is VERY possible that he will NOT get the support that he needs.)
- Biden will transform the CDC back into an agency that gives out information based on science; unlike Trump who has transformed it into an agency that gives out information designed to make him look good.
- Biden will use the Defense Production Act to insure that our healthcare workers have enough medical supplies; unlike Trump who accuses our healthcare workers of stealing medical supplies.
- Biden will use the Defense Production Act to insure that our scientists have enough testing supplies in order to implement a national testing plan which will allow us to get ahead of the virus; unlike Trump who wants less testing, because that will keep the number of known cases down, and make him look better.
- Biden will be a leader who is on the battlefield in the war against the virus; unlike Trump who is a cheerleader on the sidelines.
- Biden will ACTUALLY be a “wartime president” in the war on Covid; unlike Trump who is a “wartime deserter”.

As MOST of us know, Trump has a habit of getting in the way of people who are trying to do the RIGHT thing, and he has a habit of mucking things up for them.  As a result, MORE of us have died from the virus than was necessary.  And he does NOT care.  (Again, I am reminded of the book entitled “Everything Trump Touches Dies”, which was written by a Republican strategist.)

Hey Trump!
  Just get out of the way!  You will save a lot of lives if you do.

As we ALL know, Trump LOVES the “pomp and circumstance” part of being president, the “entertaining at pep rallies” part, the “playing golf” part, the “tweeting” part, the “lying in bed, watching TV, and eating cheeseburgers” part, and the “using our government to enrich himself” part, but he does NOT love the “doing stuff” part.

And as we ALL know, Biden LOVES the “doing stuff” part.
  In fact, he has ALREADY started doing stuff ... a lot of stuff.  And he could do MORE stuff, if Trump would do what he SHOULD do with the letter of ascertainment, and thus, get out of Biden’s way.

Hey Trump!
  Just get out of Biden’s way!  Let him focus on the stuff that he loves to do, and you can focus on the stuff that you love to do.  (Hey, I am sure that you have a few more pep rallies in you, because there is a lot of hatred in you.)

Hey Trump!
  Your country NEEDS you!  We NEED you to get out of the way!

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