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Georgia Dim Senate Candidate Racism on Display


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9 hours ago, PhilipIV said:

This guy is a fool. 


No, he's a COON.  As according to Negros. 

He's just shuckin' and jivin' for the plantation owners Pelosi/Schumer/Nadler/Schiff and company


He lied on Trump by saying he worships Whiteness, and then, he had no answer for how Trump was worshipping Whiteness, when...


  • Trump sat down with rapper Ice Cube, 3weeks ago, to discuss details for the The Platinum Plan that uplifts Black Entrepreneurs via a half-trillion dollars fund.
  • Trump signed The First Step Act to release thousands of negros from, prison, who were unfairly locked away by Biden's racist 1994 Crime Bill.
  • Trump signed The Future Act which gives Black colleges and Black farmers, about $250-million, annually, which is more than Obama gave them on his watch
  • Trump held the Young Black Leadership Summit in the White House, twice, for young Blacks who are brilliant and they are also Republican Conservatives
  • Trump often has the Black Clergy come to visit him at the White House, and pray for him.


If Trump was worshipping Whiteness, why did he not have the KKK or White Supremacists' pastors come to the Oval Office to pray for him ---why did he fly in some dark-skinned negros?  Since he's worshipping Whiteness.

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