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As millions of Americans struggle to survive, Biden pledges to increase refugee numbers by 800%

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1 minute ago, Str8tEdge said:

The presidential race ain’t over. 


I'm listening to the video Chongo posted...the stuff that is going on is unreal.


America's Mayor just said votes were being sent out of the country to be counted.


Don't know if you seen it BUT he was naming names of the companies...that are involved.


No undisclosed sources.

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2 hours ago, benson13 said:

you're so full of shit...you ought to have your own reichwing radio talk show for redneck RACIST Idiots


You would be my first special guess.


BTW: Chance are you didn't even list to the video where the Mayor names...names.


And now ladies and gentlemen to help keep a balance in the Old Mack Political Hour we have benson666 on to explain to us how only the agenda matters, how President Trump deserves to die in a plane crash along with all his family and why he worships the Obama Christ.



We have learned from a report published by CNN that according to a unnamed retired public information officer (formerly stationed at the Pentagon) whose opinions are said to be respected by all his colleagues has knowledge of a scandalize situation and he is close to the source. He has contacted the New York Times and would only speak off the record fearing for his personal safety. The official named as the source is described as expert in these matters and who has allegedly seen copies of the email exchanges that contain undisclosed information which surely had politics at its core. 


We are not exactly certain what the circumstances are which would give him the necessary access to see them. The emails appeared to purportedly show that he was cooperating with the investigation...but to describe the matter in simple terms he has led us to nothing other than rumors, rambling monologues and inaudible secretly made recordings. 


The latest revelation in addition to a blistering report leaked to MSNBC has caught the attention of the FBI which depicts a ever-expanding laundry list of accusations that has turned up nothing of great significance.  People familiar with the situation said all Federal law enforcement agencies are investigating this to some degree.


A spokesperson for a implicated acquaintance's denied the accusation with the released of a statement by his lawyer accommodated with a photo of a intoxicated married subject seen in the arms of another woman. This has ignited a new round of seemingly and somewhat demeaning opinions to all concerned. The effect of this has sent ripples thru the CYA (a secret Government agency within the CIA-which has not been confirmed except by the lowest levels inside the Beltway)


Another confidential leak claims fact checker and lawyers have been kept busy closely monitoring the situation but did not comment beyond that.   According to the report the muted reaction from life long advisers and no supported counterpoint were notable. However that claim does not have any comprehension of the Inter Circle and the scope they’re willing to make to cover this up

However a top administrator (whose identity we have decided to keep unnamed for fear of retaliation) was quoted as saying the suspected material is problematic in the sense of intense obvious impartiality. In addition while expressing concern that story seems too perfect and warned about instantly believing facts since the subtext was clear retaliation toward anyone in disagreement.


Shortly after this he (the top administrator) was quick to walk back his statement after he learned a anonymous four star Army General with the highest security clearance possible expressed concern of the validity of the narrative and called it a new level of fake intelligence he has ever read. In addition to the fact that copyrighted material was used to hide the truth...the General said they have made a bad choice in doing so since the information could not be used in a court of law even if found out to be true.


Reached at his summer home in a undisclosed location the General said he was speaking with a US Navy Admiral intelligence officer (who also has the highest security clearance possible) who told him all of this was stumbled upon by accident and now that it is out in the open it is easy to see what has been going on. The Admiral went on to say rumors about this situation have been circulating for well over a decade but it is unclear why they were not persuaded.


All of this controversy is surely going to effect some longtime careers according to various articles posted within the last week....with a top news agency as the original information supplier. Another Washington based news site said the same thing about the long term implications. BUT we’ve heard reports that said these reports were unfounded and were not taking into account the backlash. According to secret filings made last week some involved have been accused of using a distorted version of what little we know about this growing story.


The purpose of the smears are as justified according a Washington insider, yet while maximizing criticisms of themselves as a diversion their hoping the story will just go away. According to advance copy of the book Nobody Knows Anything to be released next week the author has done the unprecedented and agreed to release the names of the accusers who might be implicated themselves. 

In a recent interview Harry Stocks the head spokesman for The Pew Research Center pointed out The Washington Post claims but does supply any evidence to back up thier continual ambiguous headlines...which is well known tactic of thiers to spread disinformation in support of the agenda. A good example of this is the ongoing story where they cite unspecific people who may or may not be telling the truth and than make up a story around their statements. These reports are often engineered to appeal to one's emotions rather than ones intellect. 


We have reached out to the New York Times management for a comment on the allegations but despite a weeks wait they did respond to our request.  As of this writing we are not aware of any attempt both publicly and privately for them to clarify or deny all of this and question if the did their research. And even more so we question thier journalistic integrity.

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