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Old School Economy Versus New School..

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Back in like the 70s / 80s bought a "Beater" with a HEATER for like $3/$4 hundreds bucks..


Suspension was probably "Shot" ..


Tie-Rods too but screw IT ..


Ya ran that thing in the ground maybe an oil change and brake pads..


By the time that Completely took a dump ya hadda another Half Grand $aved Up..


"Today" that'd cost you 3/5 Grand..


And they ain't no Pick & Pull Junkyards afew  ratchets and screwdriver keep it going..


$3/$5 Grand ya "sign" the Papers drive down the street..


Threw a Rod...


Bye Bye..


And shit today ain't just a voltage regulator or something..


I'd rather Buy "NEW"..




Figured out I like "Reliability"


Got "Warranty" if any Problems..


Overall even with "payments" EVENS OUT..


5 YEARS ya Trade Up..


Ain't got the HEADACHES

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