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When Intellectually Time Is Money

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Will institutions supporting ideas life is larger than mutually evovling replacements timed apart now be open to ancestors suing for embezzling time away from their previous ancestry so far.  Remember a person's people are defined by their Combined DNA of homo sapien descent. 


there is a compromise I am willing to submit that doesn't cost any society anything other than changing their social characters' minds and allow natural brains to be equally aware of the fraud done ancestrally so far.


Nobody is innocent of not practicing pretending intelelctual reality is larger than naturally displaced after being trained to mind social narratives of geographical areas where humanity controlled the laws of the land so far.


Only way to stop never ending corruption legislating dishonest policiies ancestrally from now on.


End of time without ending the species or societal evolution developed so far and put life back together again as mutually evovling replacement equally created by those making the conceptions so far and lifetimes evolve into 1 of 2 parents or not, 1 of 4 grandparents or not, etc.


Living doesn't exceed timed paart here in this atmosphere so people never accepting it stop making now an eternal hell for those that do..

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