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u.S. Justice department investigating 2020 election voter fraud and illegal acts by democrats.

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Biden, just another embarrassing demonstration by the Crooked, incompetent, criminal who threaten foreign leaders like the Ukrainian President so he would call off the investigation into his son (Hunter) who Biden got a million dollar a year position in a crooked Ukrainian company.  Biden also engaged in similar illegal acts, again as Vice President, with officials in China and Russia and one can only guess  many other countries.  Kamala Harris his flunky running mate is known for the fact she climbed to the top on the feminist, I am a victim entitlement preferential treatment ladder now claiming to be both black and Asian, as well as an entitled to female.  Just like Obama, who claims to be all black, much more advantageous, she says she is black from  a father who lived on a south pacific island and mother who is from India.   Really?  More sick con games perpetrated by the left.  Apparently they make up definitions to fit their agenda as they go along.

Just like they use terms that they give their definition to, to deny the truth and reality.  Like, Unsubstantiated claims about voter fraud and Biden illegal conduct with foreign leaders and his lose criminal son.  They, liberals, socialist/communist democrats and the liberal left news media will still be saying "unsubstantiated" when they go to trial and are found guilty.  Just like denying wide spread voter fraud and other crimes.  They will never see "widespread" voter fraud or crimes according to their made up nebulous, vague definitions that will never be met by honest investigations and the true facts so they simply blow the truth off and continue to lie.   Losers all.

The real criminals and threat to this country and our constitution are the left, liberals, liberal news media, and the socialist/communist democrats.  Trump has done more good for this country in four years, including holding the left accountable and saying it like it is than the left and the democrats have done over the last five decades. So much more good will be done in his second term.

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Hey beanie SHITSTAIN, @benson13- your precious NY SLIMES forgot to tell you it was DEMOCRAP ELECTION OFFICIALS who are making the claims, NOT ANY REPUBLICANS!!!


Sucks you are soooooooo goddamn MANIPULATED with that SMOKE HOSE SHOVED UP YOUR EVER NASTY ASS, HUH???


Hey @benson13, GO FUCK YOURSELF and please, take cyanide at your earliest possible convenience. EVERYONE HERE HATES YOUR FUCKING ASS INCLUDING YOUR OWN ILK!!!

Sucks, huh??

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