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It's happened again!


Mirabeau and his fellow militiamen periodically patrol lands near the Rio Grande, capturing and turning in Third-Worlders (Read:  Dumbocrats) trying to sneak into the USA. 


However, Mirabeau's latest success in that regard came Sunday, without the assistance of his fellow militiamen.


Mirabeau was in a grocery store and spotted two mestizos jabbering in Spanish to one another.


Few things ignite Mirabeau more quickly than having some filthy, ignorant Third-Worlders in his midst.


Mirabeau confronted the Third-Worlders by getting in their ugly little brown faces and saying, "INGLES ES LA LENGUA DE LOS ESTADOS UNIDOS!"


One of the Third-Worlders tried to get physical with Mirabeau, whereupon Mirabeau knocked him to the floor.  The other mestizo fled.


Mirabeau and a store employee held the mestizo and he was promptly arrested.


The sheriff informed Mirabeau today that the MESTIZO IS AN ILLEGAL ALIEN AND ICE IS ON THE WAY TO PICK HIM UP!


Can you say, "Good riddance, filthy, ignorant mestizo?"


Can you say, "Good riddance, filthy, ignorant Dumbocrat?


It's GOOD to cleanse the USA of Third-World Scum/Dumbocrats.


It's GOOD to be Mirabeau!


Now, let's all sing "God Bless America," in ENGLISH!

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