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Joe Manchin is against ending the filibuster and packing the court.


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So that will help stop the Dems from getting a cheated ban on semi-autos by first expanding the court, then passing legislation that their court would rubber stamp.


By the way, the Republicans did not pack the court. The court still has 9 justices. Packing the court means increasing the number to get decisions you would not otherwise get with the 9 current justices.

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17 minutes ago, Scout said:

Isn't he from the very very conservative West VA? 

Feinstein is against expanding the court as well. Which in her case makes no sense. The woman has literally dedicated her entire political life to gun control. Her life long goal stands no chance in hell with a 6-3 court. If anyone should want to expand it, she should. But she is old and stuck in her ways and stuck in old thinking; which makes her my new best friend next to Manchin.


If you don’t pack the court, passing an assault weapon ban will be a waste of time; as it will be challenged and will be shut down. So even with Biden in office, you all that want to forcefully disarm America won’t see that happen.

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