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Democrat Election Scam - Plan Still In Action

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So, why would multiple media outlets formally pronounce Biden the winner, when it is not final yet?


The Liberal media has been instructed to do so, as they believe if they can stir up enough emotion in this country, so that once the truth came out that Biden actually lost because of the fraudulent election, the government would be scared to take it back from Biden and give it to Trump ... because of the threat of riots.


They put on a good show over the summer, financed by Soros and other Liberal interests, in attempt to instill fear into society, so their mail-in ballot scam would be upheld. The problem with their logic, is that the far right has never showed its hand.


What they think was chaos in the streets, and mayhem of little fires and rocks being thrown at police, isn't a pimple on the ass of what can happen.


I dont care who wins, if the votes are all recounted without the software that Pelosi had implemented.


It should be a fair and thorough process, that could take months.


If however, that is not manifest, and the election is just handed over to the Liberals without any due diligence to insure accuracy.


Well ... getcha popcorn ready ...



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