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Thank you, President Trump, for exposing what a duplicitous creep this UNIPARTY member is ...

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(CNN)Former President George W. Bush congratulated President-elect Joe Biden in a phone call Sunday and said that, while President Donald Trump has the right to pursue legal challenges and recounts, the 2020 race was "fundamentally fair" and "its outcome is clear."



Fundamentally fair?  Like HELL it was.  


The outcome is clear?   Like HELL it is.  


I’m beginning to think that everything the left ever said about George W Bush … about all the Bushes … was absolutely true.  He really is a traitor.  


The Republican Party better disassociate itself from this family or it will be dead.   


It wasn’t the Republican Party that got 71 million legitimate votes (the most ever) this election.   It was TRUMP.  


Any thought they will survive as a party without him ... with creeps like Bushes leading them instead ... is ridiculous.  


Trump is the ONLY thing keeping us in the party right now.  


And we’re angry as HELL with the RINOs in it.


RINOs like George W Bush ...



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