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Nation Sighs (a poem)

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From October, I posted this on my website www.whitefreedom.com


You have to imagine one of those dimly lit NYC clubs with a guy at a mic, and people in the audience snapping ... lol.


Nation Sighs

October 7, 2020|Politics, Psuedo Poetic Interlude, Race Relations

Rockets red glare and bombs bursting in air, another night of protest and hate.


Broken glass, roman candles, moltov cocktails ... destroyed community gates.


Waves of humanity march along in propagandist anger. Fear and lies tear at our lives as we post videos and give likes ... another child dies of hunger. 


In cities and towns once world renowned, we watch mobs take the place of everyday people, and wonder what will become ... of our society, our economy, our communities, our lives, our old and our young.


What caused this was maybe nothing more than boredom during a virus attack, even though no one is defending the knee on that man’s neck … was it worth it? 


Making progress, encouraging change, or creating anger and watching the veins burst from the skulls of those who oppose, and would take a life for their side. 


Is this really what it seems to be, or what it seems to be to me, that politicians are taking this entire country and all of its citizens for a ride … can’t you see it?


Violence, riots, looting, burning, taking over a town or city and screaming at the top of your lungs ... will only be met with pain, and tears and blood - but not ever a change in direction, of the path this country is on. 


We look at each other as monsters and are filled with hate, because you don’t look like me, you don’t act like me … you tore down those people’s gate. 


Society marches and lacks protection, as people do things they never would have done before ... simply to get a reaction. 


Law enforcement becomes rejected, and peace and security are greatly affected, the walk to the store is not safe anymore, life forever has changed.


One thing stays the same.


A politician lies … a nation sighs.



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