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How One Spends Their Time Saving Humanity

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Costs them every penny earned taking liberties away from those mutually evolving so far as well regardless ancestry, ideology, because life doesn't exist beyond mutually evolving so far.

When people spend their time saving reality they gave away their time being a unique replacement sustaining the population that lived here so far. Always demanding change when one's own body never remains the same since conceived to replace those making the conception from now on.

Event horizons are the key to untangling the ball of confusion woven between string theories and spiritual fantasies intellect lives beyond a reproduction's point of adapting to space occupying time now as currently here.

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6 minutes ago, XavierOnassis said:

No one but sole understands life. And he cannot explain it.

Here you go again, critizing me for what I understand equally applies to all things reproductively cylced into existing now as separated here by numbers present and your beliefs it has to work any other way than naturally displaced are factually written debating social behavior of lifetimes present between womb and tomb so far.


Comparing percentages against the whole keeps the whole out of any debate on single talking point possibiltiies tomorrow is better time than currently positions while mutually evolving from now on.


Actual results vs factual propositions of our way or no way elections of mob rule. Why democracies fail between 4 and 13 generations practicing the same ideology geographically serving God, Counrty, community theater metaphorically defined earth, wind, water, fire, heart, mind, body, soul.


8 corner triangulating lifetimes with hypothetical measurements traditionall used to sustain social identity and hyperbole semantics of relative time table logistics training brains to mind until extinction arrives to those mutually evolving at that event horizon from now. 

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1 hour ago, XavierOnassis said:

You are not doing humanity any favors at all by blathering about 8 corner triangulating lifetimes.

Lifetimes do not triangulate.  You are wasting your time and everyone else's, sole.

Humanity is recorded societal evolution done historically used against ancestral positions living so far.  Every tribal interpretation of life is larger than reproductions present has trained brains since birth to reject the instinctive awareness of being centered as mutually evolving from now on.

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