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The Biden Bus and the Mob


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Recently, a mob of pro-Trumpers on a Texas highway attempted to force a Biden bus off the road.

What was Trump’s reaction to this UNWARRANTED and BLATANT act of violence against the Biden people?
  He praised the mob, and he called them “great patriots”.  In other words, he didn’t castigate the mob, and he didn’t call them “anti-democracy anarchists”.  (But why would he?  They are HIS anti-democracy anarchists.  And in MANY ways, HE is an anti-democracy anarchist.)

I’m going to digress now.

Trump’s perverse reaction reminds me of some of the perverse right-wing reactions to Obama’s behavior.
  For example:

- There was the time that the Obama’s did a fist bump, just like millions of Americans do every day.
  In reaction to that fist bump, a conspiracy theorist at Fox So-Called-News invented an “Obama’s are terrorists” scandal.  The scandal mongers referred to the Obama’s fist bump as everything from a “terrorist fist jab” to a “terrorist fist bump”.   (Maybe they thought that “Barack” was an Arab name, and that he had an Uncle Osama.)

- There was the time that Obama urged students to work hard and to stay in school.
  In reaction to that advice, the conservatives became enraged.  To them, what Obama was advising was like another “-gate” scandal.  This time, it was Stay-In-School-Gate (aka, Be-A-Success-Gate).  Some of the conservatives accused him of spreading propaganda. (The propaganda:  You will be a success, if you stay in school.)  And some of them accused him of trying to improperly influence the students.  (So, he’s a bad influence on students, because he wants them to graduate, so that they can become productive citizens.  He is TRULY human scum!)              

- And then there were all of those times when Obama rested his feet on the furniture in the Oval Office.  For some reason, conservatives found that enraging.  (It seemed like they wanted to impeach him.  However, to be fair to the conservatives, Obama DID have his shoes on when he did it.  And that is NOT copasetic!)

I remember one Obama-hater saying:
  “Hey Obama, that’s OUR furniture!  Get your feet off it!”  I have a modern-day version of that demand.  That is:  “Hey Trump, this is OUR democracy!  Stop trying to destroying it!”

Wouldn’t it be GREAT if we could watch a “fist bump”, or a “stay in school”, or a “shoe on furniture” scandal on TV, instead of watching a pro-Trump mob recklessly trying force a bus off the road, because that bus was associated with Trump’s political opponent?

Now let’s get back to Trump.

Trump has a perverse double standard on “mob” issues.  That is:
- He views protests against the unnecessary deaths of blacks as unacceptable incidents of “mob violence”.
  He does so, despite the fact that over 90% of these protests have been peaceful.  And despite the fact that there have been cases where pro-Trump anarchists have infiltrated the protests, and THEY committed violence and caused destruction in order to make the protesters look like anarchists.
- He has encouraged mobs of heavily armed pro-Trumpers to go to the polls to intimidate non-Trump voters.
- He inspired the mob of pro-Trumpers on the Texas highway to attempt to force the Biden bus off the road.

Trump has been FALSELY accusing Biden of condoning violent mobs.
  In REALITY, it is Trump who condones violent mobs.  In fact, he LOVES them.  He LOVES pro-Trump mobs.  And he LOVES violence that is committed in honor of him.

Are we at risk of losing our democracy to Trump-sanctioned pro-Trump mob violence?

Tomorrow is Election Day.
  I fear that Trump and his mobs will create extreme chaos for the next week or so.  And I fear for our democracy.  We should be ready to kiss it good-bye.


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