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Treasonous Seditionist Democrat National Socialist Homo Adam Schiff - "... Has Got to Go!"

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11 minutes ago, Scout said:

@Blue Devil


In a few hours, Joe Biden will be our President elect

AND Adam Schiff will be returning to his office yet again.

AND Trump will be  the "LAME DICK" President in honor of his voters.  

It is wonderful, isn't it!?!?

There is a God, eh?



Sweet Dreams, little one.



Begins 04NOV20



... as will your Nightmares.



- Democrat National Socialist Conspirators...


... to Treasonous Sedition -

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I spoke to Mr Schiff and he agreed to step aside to make you feel better here is all that he asks, 1) you must have 100 worthless ass wipe Mass Murderer trump supporters present then give him a BLOW JOB and you MUST swallow and say how great it tastes, 2) then you must drop your pants and bend over so the next great American can shove his Dick up your ass as you cry with Joy how great it is to have a real man. 3) As Mr Schiff shits on the floor you must eat that Shit and describe how great it tastes compared to the SHIT you have been eating for the last four years.


When all that has been completed and televised and posted on Social Media he promises to piss in your face as he leaves. Watch what you ask for ASSHOLE as you just may get it and it may not be the way you envisioned it, DUMB ASS.

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Democrat National Socialists:

- Ordered, Paid for, and Released COVID-19 onto the American People.

- Rejected "herd immunity" and prevented the Natural demise of the virus.

- Are responsible for Every Single Death and Expense associated with it.

- Will make it "all go away" after their LOSS 03NOV20.





fuckin' Communists...


7 minutes ago, Freethinker said:




- Treasonous Seditionist Democrat National Socialist Faggot Adam Schiff -



"... Has Got to Go!"

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