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Trump:  Don-the-Con, MASTER con artist, the GREATEST con artist in American history, KING of the cons, King Con.  I can see him now:  King Con climbing the Trump Tower building in New York City.

Here’s a list of some (but NOT all) of his cons:

- Long before Trump ran for president, there was his “Trump University” con.  Trump University, which was NOT a “university”, conned a lot of average Americans out of their hard-earned money.  (What’s that say about his “promise” to look out for average Americans?)  He got sued 25 million dollars for that con.

- Also long before Trump ran for president, there was his “birtherism” con against Obama.  He said that he sent “investigators” to Hawaii to check it out, and they couldn’t believe what they were finding.  He didn’t tell us what they found yet.  (Maybe they’re STILL looking, and they didn’t back yet.)

- The day Trump came down the golden escalator to announce his run for president, he introduced his “Hispanics are terrible people” con.
  (To be fair, he DID say that there might be a few good ones.)

- Another one of Trump‘s “terrible people” cons is his “Moslems are terrible people” con.
  While in office, he has been buddy-buddy with Prince Mohammed bin Salman (an Arab) and with President Recep Tayyip Erdogan (a Turk).  Does he know that Arabs and Turks are Moslems?  (Maybe his Moslem con is actually his “Moslems are terrible people except for Prince Mohammed bin Salman and President Recep Tayyip Erdogan” con.) 

- Early on in office, Trump introduced his “fake news” and “enemies of the people” cons against the mainstream media.  Unfortunately, he conned his fans into believing that he (a REPUTED serial liar), the people at Fox Noise, and radio entertainers who promote conspiracy theories, are the ONLY ones who tell the truth.  And that mainstream media reporters, who are required to fact-check their stories, tell lies and only lies (i.e., report fake news and only fake news).

- Early on in office, Trump introduced his “stupid is smarter than smart” con against everyone who is smarter than him (and that is a lot of people).
  And he conned himself into believing that con.  For example, he thought that his stupid idea to taunt Kim and bring us to the brink of nuclear war with North Korea was a smart idea.  

- Early into Covid, when the mainstream media reported on it, Trump tried to con us into believing that those reports were “fake news”.  They were RIGHT, and he was WRONG.

- Early into Covid, when the Democrats expressed concerns over it, Trump tried to con us into believing that those concerns were a “Democrat hoax”.
  They were RIGHT, and he was WRONG.

- When we had a FEW Covid cases, Trump tried to con us into believing that the number of cases would SOON be down to zero.
  He was WRONG.  There are now over 9 million cases.  That’s a few more than zero.  (As he would tell you, that number will MAGICALLY go down to zero.  That should make us feel better.)

- This spring, Trump tried to con us into believing that Covid would be gone by Easter.
  (I guess he thought the Easter Bunny was going to come thru for us.  He didn’t.  Why didn’t Trump offer him a chocolate egg?  Or a beer?)

- Trump came up with a CATCHY, but DANGEROUS, sound bite:
  The cure can’t be worse than the disease.  He has used that sound bite to con us into believing that MORE lives will be lost from staying at home, than from being at work with a bunch of Covid-infected people.  (So according to him, hundreds of thousands of people will die from watching TV.  Actually, I could see that, if they’re watching re-runs of The Apprentice.)

What his “very good brain” cannot comprehend is this:
  If we were doing PROPER testing, and if we were supplying our healthcare workers with SUFFICIENT amounts of what they need, then the cure would NOT be worse than the disease.  This is the opinion of the VAST majority of medical experts.

Instead of doing his job and supporting our doctors and our healthcare workers who are fighting the war on Covid, he has come up with his “doctors are bad people” and his “healthcare workers are bad people” cons.
 He has falsely accused our doctors of faking Covid deaths in order to make a few bucks.  And he has falsely accused our healthcare workers of stealing PPE, because he has failed to do his job to supply them with enough of it.   

- Trump is trying to con us into believing that he has done everything right on the Covid problem.  It is obvious to anyone who is not living in Trump’s alternative reality that he grossly mismanaged that problem in the BEGINNING, and that he CONTINUES to grossly mismanage that problem. 

- Trump is trying to con us into believing that we are rounding the corner on Covid.  (We’ve been rounding that corner for a while now.  It’s like we’re on a merry-go-round going around, and around, and around, and it’s not going to stop for a LONG time.)

Contrary to Trump’s “rounding the corner” delusion, the medical experts say that we are NOT rounding the corner.
  In fact, the number of cases is STILL climbing, and it’s climbing at a HIGHER rate.  (However, we SHOULD keep in mind that his uncle was a professor at MIT.  So maybe Trump knows more than the medical experts.)

 - Trump is trying to con us into believing that a Covid vaccine will be here at “warp speed”, OR momentarily.  (He doesn’t say how many moments that will be.)  Contrary to this “warped” delusion, the medical experts say that a vaccine is MONTHS away.

- Trump is trying to con us into believing that the economy is in great shape.
  Although SOME of the numbers are good, the unemployment rate is STILL much too high and businesses are STILL suffering, because he does NOT have Covid under control.

Trump is not able to understand what MOST of us understand.
  That is:  The KEY to getting our economy back on track is to get the virus under control.  (Apparently, he thinks that the key is to tell the virus “you’re fired”.  Hey, that ALWAYS worked on Reality TV.) 

- Trump is trying to con us into believing that protests against the unnecessary deaths of blacks are actually incidents of “mob violence”.  (That’s part of his “jobs not mobs” con.)  What he doesn’t want us to know is this:
>Over 90% of these protests have been peaceful.
>There have been cases where pro-Trump anarchists have infiltrated the protests, and they have committed acts of violence and they have caused destruction, all in an effort to make the protesters look like anarchists.

- Trump is trying to con us into believing that Biden opposes our police, and that he wants to defund them.
  Contrary to that nonsense:  Biden wants reforms that STOP the unnecessary killing of blacks, and thus PREVENTS the unrest caused by those unnecessary killings.  And he does NOT want to defund our police.  (It should be noted that Trump has failed to act on a “Covid relief” bill proposed by the Democrats MANY months ago, and his failure to act could defund a lot of police departments around the country.)
- Trump is trying to con us into believing that Biden will be an empty vessel for AOC, and that she will turn him into a RADICAL SOCIALIST.  Although there is NO credible evidence to support that notion, there IS credible evidence that Trump is an empty vessel for Putin, and he is in the process of turning Trump into a RUTHLESS DICTATOR.  (So what we have here is:  An IMAGINARY radical socialist versus a REAL ruthless dictator in the making.)

- Trump is trying to con us into believing that mail-in voting is rife with fraud.
  But according to FBI investigations into this matter, he is WRONG.  (It is obvious to MOST of us that this con is part of his multifaceted scheme to STEAL the election from the American people, if we vote him out of office.)

- Trump is trying to con us into believing that climate change is a “Chinese hoax”.
  According to the VAST majority of scientists around the world, he is WRONG.  If fact, we can see the devastating effects of climate change NOW, with the forest fires, the hurricanes, and the flooding that are plaguing our country.  (If we ignore the scientists, and if we let Trump dictate what we do, our environment could become hostile to life as we know it in the not-too-distant future.  And we will be in a new age that will be called the “Trump Age”.)

- Trump is trying to con us into believing that he wants crystal clean air and crystal clean water.
  (These are his “crystal” cons.)  His plan to make our air and water crystal clean is to REPEAL regulations designed to make our air and water crystal clean.  Furthermore, he has appointed people to head the agency that WAS the “Environmental Protection Agency” to transform it into the “Environmental Polluter’s Agency”.  (Don’t worry, it’s STILL the “EPA”.)

- Trump is trying to con us into believing that he wants to watch-out for our seniors, and thus protect Social Security and Medicare.
  His plan to protect Social Security and Medicare is to cut the funding for them.  (Maybe that’s his “you’re on your own” strategy to watch-out for our seniors.  Good luck seniors!  And anyone who plans on becoming a senior.)

- Trump is trying to con us into believing that people who dislike him HATE America.
  In REALITY, people who dislike him HATE his lies and his incompetence.  AND people who dislike him LOVE our democracy.

This list could be MUCH longer, but I’m going to end it now.

Because Trump is a MASTER con artist, he has been able to con MANY of us into buying into his MANY cons.
  One consequence of this is that he is bringing out the WORST in us, instead of the BEST in us.  For example, he has inspired mobs of heavily armed pro-Trumpers to go to the polls to intimidate non-Trump voters.  He also inspired a mob of pro-Trumpers on a Texas highway to attempt to force a Biden bus off the road.  (Is that what he’s referring to when he says “jobs not mobs”?)   

Another consequence of Trump’s MASTER con artistry is that he has been able to con his fans into believing that the only way he can lose the election is if the election is RIGGED against him.  And he has been able to con them on that issue, even though they KNOW that HE is doing A LOT OF rigging (that’s a sign of a MASTER).

No matter what the election results are, our democracy is at risk.
  And it is Trump who is putting it at risk.  I am reminded once again of the book entitled “Everything Trump Touches Dies”.  Obviously, our democracy is NEXT on his “kill list”.

Over the past four years, Trump has been leading our country into DS on MANY issues.
  One exception would be our 401k plans.  However, we cannot judge Trump SOLEY on our 401k plans.  What good is it to have healthy 401k plans, if we don’t have our democracy, and if we have to live in fear of Trump’s wrath?

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Thanks for your research.  


Your points are mostly factual but where they are subjective, I agree with your ALL your assessments and conclusions.


Don the Con is indeed the most successful con artist America ever produced.  Obviously his skills, in that area are stellar.  Unfortunately, conning people is about the ONLY thing Trump is good at.  


When it comes to solving the problems of our Nation and its People, Trump has been an abject failure: 

His bad judgement and incompetence has divided the American people more than at any time since the Civil War.  His policies are widening the gap between the very rich and the rest of us.  And, under Trump, corporations have had a field day with polluting and unhindered drilling and mining in our sacred wild places.


Perhaps the worst result of the Trump presidency is that Global Warming is being totally ignored ....  Allowing it to proceed without restraint.


Under Trump our international reputation has decline grievously.  He has befriended our ungrateful enemies and made adversaries out of former allies.  And he has brought the worst level of corruption to Washington that our Nation has ever seen.

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