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I love the smell of hypocrisy.

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1 hour ago, Deadric said:

The leftwing chatter sure does seem

to suggest they have their panties in a bunch over the rightwing clogging up the highways after spending all year cheering BLM and ANTIFA doing exactly the same highway clogging shit.

CNN staffer: Network 'pro-Warren for now' (new Project ...

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2 minutes ago, FivebyFive said:

I guess you are another one who can't  read graphs.   One of them is the federal budget deficit


Trump reversed Obama's positive trend


Tax breaks  do that

Obozo had the 4 biggest deficits in the history of mankind, and ran significant deficits for his entire time in office - hardly stats to be remotely proud of.


And no, not happy with Trumps or anyone’s deficits.


Should Biden win, you’ll undoubtedly be silent as his debt eclipses Obozo’s by a wide margin.

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