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A message from sundance …

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Finish Strong…

by sundance 

Never doubt nor underestimate the resolve of American patriots… Because when it matters most, no words are needed; each person understands the mission at hand.  In every state, county, village, hamlet, city and street the MAGA community is independently rallying to the exact same standard. “Meet at the old mill, we ride at midnight“.

A diverse and patriotic MAGA movement has broken through the lines of media and big tech control.  The American people have overwhelmed the mechanisms of narrative control; and we are doing it the old fashioned way, by making ourselves visible.  A combination old school and modern-era-tech workarounds have collapsed the false premise presented within media polling.  It’s quite honestly the most remarkable political dynamic since the organic Tea Party erupted in 2009.


Everything we are witnessing in the media right now is about psychological control to create the false illusion of non-existent reality within your own mind. Essentially, professional media gaslighting with an agenda and purpose. This is not a conspiracy theory, those who are coordinating the effort have admitted exactly what they are doing

A week before the 2016 election CTH broke away from spending energy on deconstructing polls; the reason was simple – the data was nothing more than manipulation intended to sway the American electorate. The difference between Pravda and the U.S. Media is that former citizens of the Soviet-era knew they were being lied to, many Americans do not.

This time in 2020 the media effort intensified.  A clear example of that was showcased when national post-convention polling was hidden completely because it did not support the psychological message of the control agents. It takes longer to generate manipulated polls; that’s why there was a delay.  The results they eventually did broadcast followed a very predictable pattern.



…If ABC (G. Stephanopoulos), CBS (L. Stahl), NBC (S. Guthrie/L. Holt), CNN (writ large), and FOX (C. Wallace/M. Kelly) are willing to stage audience plants (demonstrably done) during town-hall and broadcast television events,…
….then what do you think those same media outlets are doing with their election polling?


As we noted in early-September the media construction was also weak.  President Trump was and is well positioned to win in 2020. The overall sense of the electorate, based on defined data patterns, is in our favor. If it were not, CTH is brutally honest enough to call the baby ugly. The same patterns visible in 2016 are even better at this moment.  Things are solid, but we need to finish strong.

We must ask for every vote. We must engage with every voter. We must reach out to our friends and neighbors and, importantly, we must break out of our comfort zone and engage everywhere.  YOU must be the force multiplier.

Our opposition message is weak, filled with negative energy and shallow. However, they are also well organized and their allies control the messaging mechanisms. Those elements are rabid, focused and intense; and they must not be downplayed, because despite their tribal deficit they are willing to fight, scheme, lie and cheat to achieve their objective.

The difference in this election will be you.

Your engagement will be what makes the difference this time.

If you worked hard in 2016 you are being asked to work even harder, thanklessly, in 2020. If you generated a handful of MAGA voters in 2016, now you need to generate twice that many so that we can offset the fraud. This is why it is important to increase your own personal influence by staying positive and upbeat.

Fellowship is how we generate momentum.  Fellowship is how we win.

No entity has ever won a contest of significance by downplaying the fortitude of our nation. We rally to the standard when we know the importance. So share the message of importance right now; and, if needed, get comfortable about being uncomfortable while doing it. We need everyone in this fight.

If you find yourself worried – take action. Taking action is empowering because it carries a cascading sense of purpose.  Facilitate your own winning.  Pick up voters and take them to the polls.  Carry extra pens and be prepared when the opportunity presents itself to you to share where the voting locations are. Talk to as many people about what they can do and share the actions they can take by showing the actions that your are taking.

Don’t leave anything on the table and carry no regrets. Our united MAGA message and ‘America First’ policies are American; they benefit every group and create abundance. The opposition message is filled with division, fear and scarcity. We have the better message.

The American people are all-in, right now when it matters most; the Monster Vote is also clearly evident. Spontaneous acts of patriotism are now considered representative of the counter-culture; people of all colors, races, creeds and orientations are united under the Red, White and Blue MAGA banner; and all of this was initiated organically by an American President who just transparently loves this country.

Finish strong.  Drive the vote….









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A message from MNDude at FreeRepublic …



Ignore the polls. They are all put out by those who give you RussiaGate, Global Warming, and Covid Panic. These polls are not miscalculations. They are pure propaganda from proved liars. Here's reasons why I think Trump's victory going to be epic.

1. Counted early vote trends are in favor of Republicans. R's are already farther ahead in Florida than they were at this time in 2016. Gaslighting polls still show Biden ahead.

2. Campus voter outreach is mostly shut down due to covid. This has always been one of the most lucrative voter outreaches of the dems.

3. Black voter turn out has been very low.

4. Shortly after the 2018 midterm elections, DHS declared they secured voting machines for the first time.

5. Millions of names have been purged from the voter rolls since 2018.

6. Believe the MSM or believe your eyes? Trump can show up anywhere in the USA and immediately have tens of thousands attendees. Historic boat parades, car parades. We're supposed to believe that somehow these enthusiastic supporters are somehow dwarfed by Biden voters that NEVER show up anywhere??

7. Livestream view count. Biden's speeches always had almost nonexistent views. I'm talking about 65 viewing at a time. Trump's rallies, speeches, and talking spots on the radio have always had millions of viewers or listeners.

8. Record high primary voters. Trump's 2020 primary vote counts were about 3 times of what Obama's 2012 count was.

9. Liberals are terrified of Covid. This will keep them home. Most Trump supporters are not.

10. Data from Trump rallies in MN and WI: over 50% are NOT Republican. Over 20% have never voted before.


And I could think of more ... B)

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