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Was Trump Afraid of Lesley?


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I saw the video clip where Trump terminated an interview with Lesley Stahl of Sixty Minutes, because she was asking him REAL questions, and she expected REAL answers.  That is, she was asking him TOUGH questions, and she expected HONEST answers.  (Honest answers from a SERIAL LIAR?  GOOD LUCK with that, Lesley!)

Was Trump AFRAID to answer Lesley’s questions?
  We all know that he’s a self-proclaimed “tough guy”.  Maybe, he’s a tough guy who’s afraid to answer tough questions.  As we all know, he’s NOT a tough guy around Putin.  Maybe, his “tough guy” image is just an ACT.  As we all know, he IS an actor.  Maybe, the only time he’s a REAL tough guy is on Reality TV.  (Having the AWESOME power of the US presidency at your disposal does NOT make you a REAL tough guy.  Putin, Kim, Erdogan, and others know that.) 

Or maybe, he was afraid of Lesley.  As we all know, he gets discombobulated around women who are accomplished (as Lesley is), and who let him know that they see thru him (as Lesley was doing).   

To be fair to Trump, BEFORE he terminated the interview, he DID respond to some of her questions.  That is, he did “answer” some of her questions with BS and sound bites.  But Lesley had the AUDACITY to fact-check him, and to point out the fact that his BS was BS.  Eventually, he started to whine and pout.  And after doing that for a while, he walked out of the interview in a huff.  (What a TOUGH guy!)  It looked like Lesley had him on the ropes, so maybe he’s lucky he walked when he did.  There could’ve been a knock out.

I’m NOT 100% sure of what he was afraid of, but I AM 100% sure that he was afraid of something.

Obviously, Trump is MUCH MORE comfortable in an interview with someone like Hannity.
  That is, someone who is willing to join him in his ALTERNATIVE reality.  And someone who will abide by Trump’ rule for a give-and-take interview:  Trump does the giving, and someone else takes what he is giving.  (That’s the inverse of his rule for taxes:  Trump does the taking, and someone else gives what he is taking.)

This is a revised version of an essay entitled “Trump’s Afraid of a Girl” that I posted on several forums.
 In the original version, I made it sound like he did NOT answer any questions, when he ACTUALLY DID answer some questions (but NOT necessarily the questions that were asked).  I also made it sound like he was intimidated when he was interviewed by a GIRL, when he was ACUTUALLY intimidated when he was interviewed by a WOMAN.

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