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What Does DONALD Stand For?


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What does the DONALD stand for in the name DONALD JOHN TRUMP?
Here’s my answer for that:


Actually, I had more than one candidate for the letters in DONALD.
  Here are some examples:

😧  Dangerous:  What Trump is to our democracy, our livelihoods, and our lives.
O:  Oligarchy:  Trump’s w•t dream for a USA lead by him, his family, and his wealthy donors.
N:  Noise:  What we hear when Trump opens his mouth.
A:  Astronomical:  The size of the MESS that Trump is creating for his successor to clean-up.
L:  Ludicrous:  Trump‘s logic on MANY issues.
😧  Dystopia:  What Trump is trying to create for those who disagree with him.

Here are a few more candidates for the letters in DONALD:

😧  >Deadbeat; >“Deep state” paranoia; >Demagogue; >Demand loyalty to him OVER the Constitution; >Dereliction of duty; >Dirty business man; >Dirty politician; >Dirty Don; >Disconnected from reality; >Disenfranchise non-Trump fans; >Desert his post as wartime president; >Destroy OUR property for his political gain; >Disgraceful behavior; >Disinformation master; >Disuniter-in-Chief; >Don-the-Con; >Don-the-Dictator; >Donnie Dunce; >Double down on dumb; >Draft dodger; >Disrespect expertise; >Disrespect our POWs (he likes people who weren’t captured); >Disrespect our war dead (he calls them “suckers and losers”)

O:  >Obama hater; >Obsessed with Obama; >Obsessed with Hillary; >Ok with pro-Trump anarchy; >Our enemies laugh at us; >Our allies pity us

N:  >Natural-born liar; >Nepotism on steroids and running amuck; >Nitwit on MANY important issues; >Not wrapped too tight; >Not playing with a full deck; >Not up to speed on MANY important issues

A:  >Abhorrent behavior; >Abnormal behavior; >Act like a third grader; >Afraid to show his tax returns; >All of the people who died from Covid = nothing; >Alligator-in-Chief of the swamp; >Alternative facts; >Alternative reality; >America’s deal with the devil; >American dream for some, but an American nightmare for MANY others; >Anarchist tendencies; >Annihilate our democracy; >Attention span that is not expansive; >Authoritarian tendencies; >Aversion to facts; >AWOL wartime president

L:  >Lawless business man; >Lawless president; >Lawlessness and disorder president; >Lead us backwards; >Lead us into the 18th century; >Lead us over a cliff; >Let the virus get WAY ahead of us; >Lock Trump up; >Lose the popular vote to a girl; >Losers and suckers; >Loud mouth; >Lousy debater; >Love chaos and confusion; >Low IQ; >Low life; >Lower life form; >Lucifer’s apprentice

😧  >Democracies like Biden; >Dictators like Trump; >Democracy hater; >Demonic behavior; >Depraved indifference for American lives; >Destroy much and build little; >Disorderly transfer of power; >Disrespected by our friends; >Disrespected, and laughed at, by our enemies; >Disrupt everything possible; >Divide Americans; >Do more breaking than fixing; >Dumb down our nation; >Duped by Putin, Kim, Erdogan, and others

And here are a few more candidates for the letters in DONALD:


>Declare victory BEFORE the enemy is defeated
>Delusional; for example:
  say that the virus is going away; say that he deserves a Nobel Peace Prize
>Diagnosed with Covid and become the Superspreader-in-Chief
>Disrespect what he should respect, and respect what he should disrespect
>Divert attention from the fact that HE is a crook, by calling Hillary “crooked Hillary”

- what Trump sounds like when he talks about important issues that require a mind for substance and details (that is, a non-Trump mind)
- what Trump sounds like when he talks about trivial issues that require a mind for BS and childish sound bites (that is, a Trump mind)

>Ok with the unnecessary killing of blacks; not ok with protests against the unnecessary killing of blacks
>Oppose a “Covid relief” package proposed by the Democrats, because they wanted to do MORE to help the American people than he wanted to do

>Nero complex; for example:  his lack of concern about the initial Covid warnings ; his lack of concern about Covid’s impact on our livelihoods and our lives; his lack of concern about Putin putting bounties on the heads of our troops; his lack of concern about climate change; his lack of concern for us, if Obamacare is repealed

>Abandon our allies, the Kurds, after they did the heavy lifting for us against ISIS in Syria
>Afraid to answer tough questions from Leslie Stahl (so much for his “tough guy” image)
>Appoint judges who will serve FEW, and suppress MANY
>Accuse others of rigging the election, when HE is doing the rigging
>Accuse Biden of being corrupt, when Biden has NO history of that (unlike HIM)
>Accuse Biden of being a radical socialist, when Biden has NO history of that
>Accuse Biden of being a radical socialist, because Biden cares about the sick, the poor, and the middle class, cares about the environment, cares about future generations, and believes in science (unlike HIM)

>American carnage examples:
  making it harder to vote; the unnecessary deaths of blacks; the unnecessary loss of livelihoods and lives because of his mismanagement of the Covid crisis
>Accuse our healthcare workers of stealing PPE, because he FAILED to do HIS job to supply them with enough PPE
>Accuse our doctors of faking Covid deaths for money, because he FAILED to do HIS job to keep the number of Covid deaths lower than it is now

>Lie about our healthcare workers and our doctors to make them look bad, in order to make himself look good
>Lead us into the darkness (e.g., toward pseudo-science), and away from the light (e.g., away from science)
>Love BEING president, but not the DOING STUFF part
>Love pep rallies (because they’re FUN), but NOT governing (because it’s BOOOORING)
  good character, a conscience, common decency, empathy for others, honesty, humility, integrity, good judgment, knowledge of many issues, morality, sympathy for others, understanding of many issues, and so on, and so on

>Disease is spreading more than it should be, because of his incompetence
>Death toll is rising more than it should be, because of his incompetence
>Data manipulation to deceive the American people for his political benefit; for example:
  CDC data
>Data manipulation that puts the American people at greater risk from Covid; for example:
  CDC data
>Declare himself a wartime president, and then act like a cheerleader on the sidelines, instead of a leader on the battlefield
>Destroy MILLIONS of dollars worth of Post Office equipment in order to rig the election in his favor (It’s like he flushed millions of OUR tax dollars down the toilet.
  What gave him the right to do that!?)

I’m going to stop now.
  I could go on longer, because it’s EASY to think of more candidates for the letters in DONALD.  I can see why SNL and others NEVER run out of Trump material, because in so MANY ways, he is a DUNCE.

Unfortunately for us, he’s a VERY DANGEROUS dunce, because he’s the Dunce-in-Chief.


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