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What Does TRUMP Stand For?


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What does the TRUMP stand for in the name DONALD JOHN TRUMP?
Here’s my answer for that:

Unfit for office
Putin’s puppet

Actually, I had more than one candidate for the letters in TRUMP.
  Here are some examples:

T:  Temper tantrums:   What we have often seen from Trump over the past four years.
R:  Random:  Trump’s approach to governing.
U:  Unhinged:  Trump’s behavior over the past four years.
M:  Merry-go-round:  What it is like as we go around, and around, and around the corner on the virus.
P:  Pixie-dust:  Trump’s main weapon to combat the problems that face our nation.

Here are a few more candidates for the letters in TRUMP:

T:  >Tax dodger; >Tell it like it ISN’T; >Terrorize voters at the polls; >The Covid king; >Think that STUPID is smarter than SMART; >Think that he can con the virus into playing by HIS rules; >Threaten a “scorched earth” policy, if he loses the election; >Tiny hands; >Totalitarian tendencies; >Totally in way over his head; >Trade our freedoms for higher 401k’s; >Treat our Constitution like a worthless piece of paper; >Trump = the past and Biden = the future; >Trump poll watchers = voter intimidators; >Trump-the-Terrible; >Trump-the-Tyrant; >Trump University scam; >Trump virus; >Turn the White House into a Covid hot zone; >Truth is his enemy; >Tweeting maniac

R:  >REALITY TV clown and REAL WORLD clown; >Reckless disregard for human life; >Repulsive to MANY; >Rig elections in his favor; >Rotten to the core; >Rounding the turn, NOT; >Rump and Pence for retirement ... and JAIL; >Russia’s dream-come-true; >Ruthless

U:  >Unable to win fair and square; >Undisciplined; >Unfit to govern; >Unfit to serve as a wartime president; >Unprepared for the job; >Unqualified for the job; >Unreliable; >Unstable and not a genius; >Use OUR government for HIS personal gain

M:  >Madman; >MAGA for some but NOT all; >Magically make the virus go away; >Make believe that “make believe” is “reality”; >Make it harder to vote; >Make Russia Great Again; >Make it up as he goes along; >Mayhem; >Malfeasance; >Manbaby; >Mask-less and common sense-less; >Megalomaniac; >Micromanager who gums up the works; >Mind control; >Misinformation master; >Mismanage the Covid response; >Missing-in-action on the Covid battlefield; >Mock competent people; >Mock experts; >Mock good judgment; >Mock responsible behavior; >Moron; >Motor-mouth; >Mussolini in the making; >Must be the center of attention at all times

P:  >Pandemic denial; >Pardon criminals; >Passive to Putin; >Pathological liar; >Patriot, NOT; >Petty; >Phony; >Polarize America; >political incorrectness; >Porn star president; >POS; >Power-hungry; >Pro-death Covid policies; >Praise liars and crooks; >President apprentice who should be fired; >Pledge allegiance to Trump (NOT America); >Promote pro-Trump violence; >Pro-pro-Trump anarchy; >Propagate propaganda; >Pro-Trump versus pro-democracy; >Punish good people, and praise bad people; >Pure evil; >Putin’s apprentice; >Putin’s choice; >Putin’s useful idiot; >Putin’s beyatch

And here are a few more candidates for the letters in TRUMP:


>Terrorize kids by putting them in cages after separating them from their parents
>Threaten to imprison his political opponents (as Putin would do)
>Trump age = new Dark age = an age that ignores facts, science, and democracy
>Trump dictatorship (REAL) versus Biden radical socialism (IMAGINARY)
>Typical Trump pep rally = screaming + whining + BS + childish sound bites
>Threaten safety nets for the poor; for example:
  Obamacare, Medicaid, food stamps
>Threaten safety nets for the middle calls; for example:
  Obamacare, Medicare, Social Security

>Threaten harm to governors and mayors who are trying to protect their citizens from the virus, and who are doing so by implementing guidelines from HIS White House
>Take credit for the accomplishments of others; for example:
  take FULL credit for the good economy that he inherited from Obama and Biden; take credit for what the Kurds did for us in Syria; put HIS name on the “Covid relief” checks that were made possible by the Congress

>Trump’s plan to “make America great again” appears to be:
  destroy EVERYTHING built by those who came before him, and replace it with NOTHING, or replace it with something INFERIOR to what it was, or replace it with something that works AGAINST its original purpose
- the above statement is consistent with Trump’s actions for the past four years, AND it is consistent with the title of the book “Everything Trump Touches Dies” written by a Republican strategist
- if that IS his plan, and IF his plan is successful, he will set us back by hundreds of years, and he will make American “die”; put another way, he will “make America go away” (maybe that is the REAL meaning of MAGA)
- maybe that is what his puppet master Putin wants; remember:
  Trump will not share any of the notes from his talks with Putin, so we have NO idea of what they talked about; what is Trump HIDING from us?

>Ration healthcare because of too many Covid cases
>Reality TV president using “reality TV world” solutions to solve “real world” problems
>Recommend bleach and light bulbs as cures for the virus
>Rely on his gut (I guess he has a “very good gut” to go with that “very good brain”)
>Repeal and NOT replace (Obamacare)
>Rob our military to pay for his border wall
>Run our government like he ran his business, which he ran into the ground six times
>Remember the story about the snake that he likes to tell; HE is the snake; and we KNEW he was a snake when we let him into the White House

>Undermine everything that makes America great and safe
>Use our government to punish people he does not like
>USELESS in our effort to combat the virus, and a MAJOR impediment to that effort
>Unable to focus on IMPORTANT issues for more than a few minutes, but able to focus on TRIVIAL issues for hours and hours


>MAGA = “Make America’s Greatness Abate” or “Make Americanism Go Away”
>Make OUR government work for HIM and NOT for us
>Make our government run LESS efficiently by sabotaging it
>Make Covid “go away” by ignoring it
>Man of FEW talents, but a VERY talented con artist
>Many more livelihoods lost than there had to be
>Many more lives lost than there had to be
>Mock “political correctness” in order to make his “hateful and obnoxious” behavior “acceptable” behavior
>Master crook; be FAR MORE crooked than “crooked Hillary”, and be FAR LESS qualified than her

>Master entertainer; his fans LOVE his rallies, because his rallies are all about ENTERTAINING, unlike Biden’s rallies which focus on SERIOUS discussions of the ISSUES
>Master brainwasher; for example:
  be able to convince his fans that truth is NOT truth, that lies ARE truth, and that only HE tells the truth

>Master salesman; for example:
  be able to sell his fans on a “great” healthcare plan that does NOT exist; be able to get his fans to cheer him, while he is $crewing them; be able to get his fans to cheer him, while he is in the process of taking affordable healthcare away from them, and while he has NOTHING comparable or better to replace what is taking from them

>Master con artist; for example, be able to convince his fans:
- that he is working for them, when IN REALITY they are working for him
- that he did everything right on the Covid problem, when IN REALITY he grossly mismanaged that problem
- that Covid is going away, when IN REALITY the number of Covid cases is still climbing
- that the economy is in great shape, when IN REALITY the unemployment rate is STILL much too high and businesses are STILL suffering, because he does NOT have Covid under control
- that mail-in voter fraud exists, when IN REALITY all of the studies show that it does NOT exist
- that people who do not like Trump do so because they hate America, when IN REALITY they do not like him because they love democracy, and because they hate his lies
- that a virus vaccine will be here at “warp speed”, when IN REALITY the medical experts say that it will probably take much longer than that (I’d like to have the vaccine TOMORROW, but that’s NOT reality)
- that Biden opposes our police, when IN REALITY Biden wants reforms that stop the unnecessary killing of blacks, and that stop the unrest caused by those unnecessary killings
- that the mainstream media reports “fake news”, when IN REALITY he wants to CONTROL what we think


>Prefer to listen to Covid QUACKS instead of Covid EXPERTS
>Prefer to listen to Putin instead of our intelligence agencies
>President for SOME of the people, but NOT ALL of the people
>Pretend Covid is going away, while the number of Covid infections is climbing in the REAL world
>Pretend that a Covid vaccine will be here momentarily, while those who live in the REAL world say NOT true
>Project HIS faults onto others; for example:
  accuse Hillary of being a puppet; accuse Biden of being corrupt
>Promote conspiracy theories; for example:
  Obama birtherism; Kamala birtherism
>Promote voter intimidation of not-Trump fans by heavily armed pro-Trump groups

>Plan for combating the virus:
  do LESS than needed, play LOTS of golf, blame China, and brag about doing a GREAT job
>Politics would be BORING without him (according to HIM) ... but it would be MORE SANE and MORE EFEECTIVE (according to MOST of us)
>Penny wise and pound foolish; for example: withdraw our troops from Germany for not paying their fair share (PENNY WISE), and thus make Europe AND THE USA less safe (POUND FOOLISH)
>Pout, whine, and then walk away when Leslie Stahl tries to ask him tough questions (hey, tough questions can be tough to answer when you have no REAL answers)

>”Presidential harassment” is ACTUALLY “HIS harassment of others”; for example: threatening to take away affordable healthcare; threatening to take away Social Security; threatening to take away Medicare; dismantling our Post Offices, and thus making it harder for them to efficiently serve us; making it harder to vote; making the virus problem FAR WORSE than it had to be; terrorizing families at the southern border

I’m going to stop now.
  I could go on longer, because it’s EASY to think of more candidates for the letters in TRUMP.  I can see why Kimmel and others NEVER run out of Trump material, because in so MANY ways, he is a CLOWN.

Unfortunately for us, he’s a VERY DANGEROUS clown, because he’s the Clown-in-Chief.


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