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It's been over 40 YEARS since the last "Peace Agreement" was signed in the middle East... EVERY President since, has TRIED to move the Peace Agreement forward... NOW... THREE (3) Middle East peace agreements in 6 WEEKS...BUT, It took Donald Trump !!

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1 minute ago, ConservativeVoice said:

THREE (3) Middle East peace agreements in 6 weeks...BUT, It took Donald Trump to DO IT !!


But from the FAKE News Media?  you hear CRICKETS !!






Trump has probably done more for the world as a whole than any other US President besides Harry Truman ... I will always respect Harry for dropping the bomb.

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Not one of these deals was an actual peace accord.   None of the countries that agreed to recognize Israel was ever at war with Israel. The fundamentalists that Trump does this to impress are among the most ignorant fools on Planet Earth.


They actually believe that all the jews on Earth will return to Israe, and Jesus will return and be recognized as the MessiaH. Then, of course, the Enf of the World will occur.


 Building an embassy in Jerusalem will be hugely expensive and totally unnecessary and, of course a target for terrorists.  Trump did this because he was BRIBED by defense contractors, OPEC members and casino mogul Sheldon Adelson. CV really sucks as a propagandist. No intelligent person could have any respect for the idiocies that CV posts here.

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