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The G.O.P Is A Death-Sentence On America. 100,000 U.S. Dead / Maimed From Losing 2 Middle East Wars. 235,000 DEAD As They Mismanaged COVID Pandemic. Worst Public Health FAILURE In U.S. History.

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10/30/20: Just another day. Just another 988 Americans have just died from COVID-19.

988 more urns or caskets.





FACTS: When it comes to killing innocent U.S. citizens, the RIGHT-Wing Republican Conservatives are well-established serial-level mass-murderers.

Over just the last two decades, the Conservative Party of Emasculated White Christian Limpdicks have gotten over 250,000 Americans killed, maimed, mutilated, or emotionally, physically, and physically shattered.

Throw in another 2 MILLION shattered U.S. Military family members.


How many MORE Americans will be thrust into abject misery, poverty, and fiscal degradation, brought by the actions of the CONSERVATIVE Republican madmen in the coming decade?

How many DEAD AMERICANS will it take to satiate the the unending lust for bloodshed and killing that is the hallmark of all things Conservative? 



Conservatives are EVIL.

When it comes to historical comparisons regarding whom has committed the worst depravities, whom has exhibited the most appalling degeneracy, whom has manifested the grossest levels of corruption, and whom has displayed some of the worst base-level rank incompetence and EVIL, America's RIGHT-WING Conservatives have made all of history's other infamous, putrescent, shit-eating Cult Groups look like amateurs. 

After all....every torture device anyone can think of was created by Whit religious Jesus followers.

The RIGHT WHITE CHRISTIAN Cult LOVES torture...and slavery.....and little children as sex toys.


Under the FAILED LEADERSHIP of Donald Trump and his weak-kneed, sniveling band of drooling, rabid White Grievance enablers, the inept, bumbling, corrupted mishandling of the COVID-19 Pandemic here in the United States will forever be marked in all U.S. History books as the example of THE WORST U.S. PUBLIC HEALTH ADMINISTRATIVE FAILURE IN AMERICAN HISTORY.

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Like ALWAYS... Democrats accusing Republicans of what THEY THEMSELVES are guilty of !!


A Death-Sentence On America ?


LOOK at Democrat Policies... their Promotion of RIOTS, ARSON, LOOTING and CRIME in American cities... Promotion of ILLEGAL immigration and DESTRUCTION of the middle class... and PROMISES to END production of Fossil fuels in America... while there will be NO RESTRICTIONS on the rest of the world !!


It will MOST CERTAINLY Destroy America...

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