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Mirabeau owns a small country store that has self-service gasoline pumps.


He does not operate it.


He leases it to a tenant.


A concerned woman in the community came to Mirabeau two weeks ago and informed Mirabeau that some young men in the area had made a sport of keeping watch on the store, and, if someone (obviously from out of Mirabeau's county, and, most likely, from out of state) happened to pull in to the store with a Biden sticker on the bumper, the young men would "harass" the person, and, in at least one instance, punched one of the Biden supporters in the face.


The concerned woman approached Mirabeau and told him of these occurrences, and asked, "Is there anything you can do to stop the behavior of those young men?


Mirabeau responded, "Yes."


The woman, relieved, thanked Mirabeau and left.


Today the woman returned, stated that the same young men were still harassing people who stopped at the store who had Biden stickers on their vehicles, and said, "Mr. Mirabeau, I asked you if there was anything you could do to stop that behavior, and you said, 'Yes,' but it hasn't stopped?  Why hasn't it stopped?"


Mirabeau replied, "Woman, you asked Mirabeau if there was anything Mirabeau could do to stop those young men from harassing Biden supporters, and Mirabeau's reply to you was 'Yes.'  Now understand this:  There are, indeed, several things Mirabeau could do to stop that kind of behavior, BUT MIRABEAU IS NOT GOING TO DO ANYTHING TO STOP THAT KIND OF BEHAVIOR."


Puzzled, at first, and then angry and embarrassed, the woman stormed out of Mirabeau's office.

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