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An American dies from heart disease every 36 seconds. Should we shut down the economy and force every American to exercise?

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- Democrat National Socialists -

- Ordered, Paid for, and Released COVID-19 onto the American People.

- Rejected "herd immunity" and prevented the Natural demise of the virus.

- Are responsible for Every Single Death and Expense associated with it.

- Will make it "all go away" after their LOSS 03NOV20.



- Seditious Domestic Terrorists -





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How many times did you have to try yourself, before you simply right clicked and let it spell the word analogy correctly for you?   Over/Under is 6 ...    

No more Popeyes?   Fuck that ...        

BOTH are preventable you STUPID FUCK.   And heart disease AND diabetes kill way more Americans than covid so why aren't we taking drastic measures stop these senseless deaths? 

10 hours ago, Pastafarian said:

Well, we tried labeling our food and cons lost their minds. 

Michelle Obama tried to have kids eating healthy and cons lost their minds. 

Now fuck off, shitty nurse. 

Oh no. We need to completely outlaw fast food and obesity. You believe in destroying the economy and altering Americans freedoms for a flu bug it’s time to get serious about issues that are far worse. 

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