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It's nothing more than a trick performed with a laser.   There are no aliens visiting our planet because:

1.  Faster than light speed travel is impossible, but even if it were possible, it would consume too much energy and harmful to living organisms;

2.  Alien technology necessary to get crafts from someplace light years from our planet, would not simply "crash" in the New Mexico desert from a malfunction.

3.  Ask yourself - would you travel light years from your home world just to observe chimps throwing shit at each other?  YOU CAN GO TO THE ZOO FOR THAT!

4.  Obviously, intelligent life is less prevalent in the Universe than we first thought.  This is proven by the lack of any evidence of long distance communications from alien worlds.   Even if there were such communications, that doesn't mean they would be able to get here.  We have to assume that not EVERY alien civilization is attempting to live a stealthy, covert existence so that Humans can't discover them.  Crap, we've launched every conceivable piece of junk into spacer, including a gold record.  We've been sending signals to the Universe for many decades and no response. 

5.  Nearly all of the exoplanets we have discovered, even in habitable zones, for one reason or another, are not as conducive to life as is our Earth.   All you need to do is remove our moon, and the Earth changes so much that it might not support life.  In fact, it is somewhat of an unexplained anomaly that Earth exists as it does where it does in our solar system.

6.  There is no reason to remain "hidden" from humans if aliens traveled light years to come see us.  If I traveled 50 light years to Proxima Centurui B, I'd at least throw some freaking peanuts to the inhabitants while my Alien friend gets a video of it!


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