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Glenn Greewald... the Co-Founder of a News Organization called the INTERCEPT, RESIGNED today from News Organization HE FOUNDED citing CENCORSHIP by his own editors !!

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YOU SCUMBAG Liberals don't have to believe me... YOU can believe one of your own... A LIBERAL who CREATED "The Intercept"... a News Organization in 2014 to FIGHT against CENSORSHIP... HE RESIGNED today because he had been informed that the News Outlet WOULD NOT publish an article he wrote... that was Critical of Joe Biden... AND that had alluded to the e-mails being TRUE !!  The Intercept did so, based on a letter from a group of ex-Deep State leaders, that called the e-mails "Russian Disinformation"... while ADMITTING that they had no PROOF to support that statement...


He says he is Disappointed and SAD !!    I'll add that the CABAL that the FAKE News Media has become is THE GREATEST THREAT to our Democracy, that there has ever been... Supported by the Democrat Party and the Deep State... they will ALL, need to be BURNED to the GROUND, and ALL those involved will need to SPEND the REST of their lives in PRISON... if we are to EVER get past this !!


Our Democracy is being THREATENED... and MAY be DESTROYED... BY the LIKES of these SCUMBAGS  !!



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9 hours ago, SpyCar said:

The guy is a Trump-enabling loon.


Thanks for the great news!!!


Next stop, Breitbart.




The guy is a Classic Liberal, and his story is TRUE !!


Democrats are the PARTY of CENSORSHIP... NOT of Freedom of speech !!  THEY CONTROL the LYING FAKE News Media, the FAKE Polls, and are ALL SCUMBAG LIARS to the CORE...


Americans are figuring that out... THEY are SEEING the THREAT, and America will SPEAK LOUDLY in November !!

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