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Kamala: Trump Lacks ‘Courage’ to Say 'Black Lives Matter'


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Monday on ABC’s liberal gabfest The View, Democrat VP pick Kamala Harris claimed President Trump did not have the “courage to speak the phrase ‘Black Lives Matter.’”

“First of all, let’s start with the fact that Joe Biden has a knowledge of America’s history on race and the courage to speak the phrase ‘Black Lives Matter.’ Donald Trump will never say that,” Kamala stated.


“The policies that will be— that are in the Biden-Harris plan, and this is a commitment — include what we need to do to invest in HBCUs. I’m a proud graduate of an HBCU, Howard University. We understand that Black businesses, minority-owned businesses, women-owned businesses have been disproportionately impacted not only by the pandemic but even before being denied access to capital. We have a commitment that we will put $150 billion into low-interest loans and access to capital for minority businesses, including Black businesses, of course.”



No modern President has done more for minority communities and for minority employment than Trump. Harris and Biden’s economic incompetence will roll back those successes for minorities just as Democrat policies have in every urban area ruled by a Democrat.


As for her carefully-worded claim that Trump refuses to say “Black Lives Matter”: Trump has demonstrated plentifully that he believes black lives matter. He would have no problem saying that phrase. But that’s vastly different from offering support for the radical Marxist movement, Black Lives Matter.


God help us if Biden wins.

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