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Trump strands his supporters in the cold

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4 minutes ago, calguy said:


Haaaa.....that’s a funny pic, probably photo shopped, unless you’re the person driving the semi.


Reminds me of when I had my present boat shipped from MI to my location. I knew they were going to have to remove the flybridge, but when they gave me the route which was absurd and going to take 5 days to drive, said they needed a “pole car”, in addition to the wide load vehicle.......I was pissed and thought they were taking advantage of me. They then sent me a map showing my boat still wouldn’t fit under 90% of the overpasses even with the bridge removed.....and some pictures of similar boats crushed into overpasses like your pic above.....and I STFU and let the experts do their job.

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12 minutes ago, calguy said:



lol.  Not even a good photoshop. 

Come on man, you can do better than this. 


Biden can't get flies to show up to rallies, and Trump has tens of thousands showing up in all kinds of weather. 

Liberals are scared, and I'm loving this. 


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Trump let Joe campaign unchallenged in Georgia yesterday while he campaigned for one, (count 'em, ONE) EV vote. Now we see why Smokin' Joe went down to Georgia ...................


Monmouth: Biden leads Trump 50-46 in Georgia.

GEORGIA VOTER POLL: President - overtakes

Registered voters: 45% Trump (47% in Sept.) 50% Biden (46%) Likely voters, high turnout: 46% Trump (48%) 50% Biden (46%) Likely voters, low turnout: 48% Trump (50%) 50% Biden (45%) http://monmouth.edu/polling-institute/reports/monmouthpoll_GA_102820/


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11 minutes ago, Zaro said:

So what does that say about Trumpistas?

I'm not sure how this actually happened, quite honestly.    I have a friend that went to it and he said as soon as the parking lots were full, police started turning people away,  which was 2 hours before the rally.  I have to think that this was not a "bus" issue as opposed to just the shuttles being overwhelmed by having that many people all leaving the airport at the same time.    There's also no reason anyone had to stand outside because the shuttle stops right in front of the terminals so they could have waited inside.   Regardless, the way this was reported is ridiculous.   Trump stranded his supporters to freeze to death?   Gimme a break.   

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5 minutes ago, calguy said:


So now it's Trumps fault that it was cold out?    I'm pretty sure that every Trump supporter that went was very aware that they were going to get cold.    Do you libs really need someone to tell you that if you go outside in the winter that it might be chilly?  

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