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The narrative leftists are trying not to hear.

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Like last election, I have been unweighting the polls and trying to objectively gauge where things really fall.  My methodology got me near perfect prediction in 49 out of 50 states in 2016.  I must confess I did not expect Michigan to go to Trump.  Right now I am getting what I believe is a good estimate by adding 6 points to Trump's total in CNBC polls, throwing out NBC/NY times polls and subtracting 1 from Trump in Rasmussen polls.  Based on oversampling and historical trends I believe this is a reasonable adjustment.  NY Times polls are fraudulent and only leftist retards with an IQ less than 80 should believe them.  IBD seems to be using new methodology which I think puts it in a similar category to CNBC.  


With that in mind I believe Trump will easily win North Carolina, Florida, Arizona, Iowa and Ohio.  However, for Trump to win he needs one of the traditionally blue rust belt states like Pennysylvania or Wisconsin which he took in 2016.  I think there is a lot of support for Trump in these states but the Democrats control the mechanisms of power and the reason requests for over 300k ballots were rejected in Pennsylvania is probably because lefties were requesting ballots from inactive voters on the rolls.  Many people are turning out for this election that were previously inactive and so the rejected ballots are very telling.  If leftists tell you there isn't cheating that is because they are doing it.  


With all that said, I still think Trump will pull it off.  I also think we will recover some seats in the house and probably barely hold the senate.  That leaves us with a 6:3 supreme court, senate, very close house and the presidency. 


It is hardly reassuring, we on the right are seldom known for our optimism and most of us can imagine nightmare scenarios in which leftists cheat enough to eek wins in all situations and then proceed pack the court.  Scary thought, we all know that if that were to happen the leftists fascists will use their power to trample the 49% that disagree with them and secure their power.  Don't get too worried though.  God will look out for the good even when things seem to be at their worst.  There are also people out there who are actually able to win a war easily against helicopters and tanks.  People who can win a fight against a mob of 10,000 without firing a bullet.  They are highly competent and skilled - E.G. they don't work for the left.  


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