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Melania doubles?

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Just now, Skans said:

You think she's hot too, don't you.   Yep, we know why you don't like Trump.  I hate to tell you, you don't have a thing Melania wants, Zaro.

The real Melania has the nasty habit of slapping his hand away when he tries to hold hands. Ergo the double

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49 minutes ago, king of the county said:

I’m clear with double d breasts 

That reminds me of a song I learned in Boy Scout Camp.

Like the Star Spangled Banner, it is a series of rhetorical questions.

to wit:

Doooooooo yeeeeerrr Boobs hand high? Do yer boobs hang low?

Can you tie 'em in a knot? Can ya tie 'em in a bow?

Can ya sling 'em o'er yer shoulder like a Continental Soldier?

Do yer Boobs hang high?


Double D is far too much. What will not fit in your mouth goes to waste anyway.

Double D requires silicone or a serious bra to stay in place after age 23.

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