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What are the trump chumps going to use for their next scam issue??

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6 minutes ago, Zaro said:

It's too late to cook up another non issue. 

This is about Covid and Trump flunked in his response

Well if it is about Covid then start blaming China for hindering our response by lying about what they knew. As for the response you really don't know what your talking about. As for selling the country out to Russia and China why were you retards trying to burn Trump by telling us all lies that Trump had sold out to Russia with zero evidence?


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2 hours ago, calguy said:

I mean, now that law and order was a success, and Twitter/Facebook helped us cheat the electoral processes re: Hunter's emails that show Joe is corrupt...so what are they going to say for the next ten days? Keep showing proof that Joe only runs for office to increase his private wealth? I hate the USA, so I need a corrupt President ---lets hope Joe wins!!



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